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    1. Old Wives tales- Acid Reflux - BabyCenter | Erica+Andy=Kingsley 04/24/08, Grayson 03/12/13 and baby Oliver due 01/09/15!

      • Is it true that with Acid Reflux your baby is suppose to have hair?
      • Lol I believe it I had the worst heartburn last pregnancy and my son came out with what looked like a baby toupee.


    2. Acid Reflux Treatment In Pregnancy Makes A Difference

      • « Yoga For Pregnant Women. Pregnancy and Hair Coloring: What You Need To Know ».
      • While acid reflux is a nightmare, keep in mind that unless it’s a medical condition that was present before the pregnancy, it will likely go away as soon as the baby is born.


    3. acid reflux=full head of hair is this true | Mom Answers | BabyCenter

      I heard that too, When I was pregnant for my first son i had heartburn non stopp tums were my best friend...and he was born with a lot of hair Im pregnant now and due in Feb. Ive had heartburn this pregnancy as well so Im hoping this baby is FULL of hair ! :).


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    5. is it true if you get acid reflux or heart born your baby will be born with a full set of hair? | Yahoo Answers

      • True/false that heart burn in pregnancy means a baby born with lots of hair? Is there any known medication or treatment's for a new born baby with "Severe Acid Reflux Disease?"


    6. If you have acid reflux while pregnant does it mean that your baby will most likely have hair on it head? | Yahoo Answers

      • old wives tale. Mine was so bad with both of my kids I needed a prescription. And at the end of the second pregnancy that didn't even work.
      • no it,s not true i don,t get acid reflux and all my baby,s come out with lots of hair.


    7. Heartburn/acid reflux = lots of baby hair?? - Young Moms | Forums | What to Expect

      • Iv been having bad heartburn at 25 weeks and acid reflux someone said its because y baby boy is going to have a head full of hair?
      • Heartburn was the only symptom i had throughout my whole pregnancy, my baby had lots of hair


    8. Acid Reflux and Pregnancy - Best Pregnancy Pillow

      • Acid Reflux in Early Pregnancy – What you need to know. There are a lot of myths about heartburn and acid reflux during pregnancy. One of the most common is that babies with lots of hair cause acid reflux.


    9. Acid Reflux in Babies - New Kids Center

      • Pregnancy.
      • In babies, acid reflux happens because the LES muscle is not formed completely and is immature. Reflux causes esophagus lining to become irritated, leading to the condition of heartburn.


    10. My baby has severe acid reflux due to a birth defect corrected by surgery. Nights are awful! Ideas? | Mom Answers | BabyCenter

      • Our son had severe reflux (often choked/ turned blue)and we tried EVERYTHING. We ended up letting him sleep in his swing since it's naturally inclined and cozier than a crib or bassinet, and I think the motion helped.
      • Is it safe to dye my hair during pregnancy?