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    1. Unlink another email account from your Yahoo Mail | Yahoo Help - SLN22048

      • Manage third-party email addresses within Yahoo Mail. Let Yahoo be your primary destination to send and receive emails for all of your email accounts. Add your third-party email accounts to your Yahoo Mail account, then you just have to sign in once to access everything!


    2. Can I Add Another Email Address to My Yahoo Account? | It Still Works

      • The Yahoo Mail account is linked to this alternate email account.
      • Sometimes, you need to add another alternate email or change your primary alternate email address for mail services. You can do this through the Yahoo Profile interface.


    3. Send messages from or delete an extra email address | Yahoo Help - SLN15953

      • An extra email address gives you all the benefits of 2 email addresses without any of the added hassle.
      • Set your default sending address. From classic Yahoo Mail
      • Click Writing email. From the "Default sending account," select your extra email address.


    4. Tutorial: Yahoo! Mail - Add additional email accounts to your existing Yahoo! mail - YouTube

      Yahoo! Mail - Add additional email accounts to your existing Yahoo mail. This way you can send & receive email from all of your addresses, without having to...


    5. How to Add an Extra Email on Your Yahoo Account: 7 Steps

      • If you already have an existing Yahoo e-mail account, then your inbox can somehow get clogged. Between personal e-mails from friends, promotions
      • Luckily, there is a way to add an additional e-mail address to your existing account. This can be done in just a few minutes and will bring some...


    6. How to add another Multiple email accounts Using in Yahoo - YouTube

      Dear Reader's, Add another mailbox. Tap the email account provider you want to connect. Enter your full email address in the text field. - Typically this...


    7. Can I Add Another Email Address to My Yahoo Account? | Your Business

      • Yahoo Mail, like its competitors, can retrieve messages from other accounts, enabling you to manage multiple addresses from one location.
      • Click the "Add" button. Step 3. Create a name for the alternate account and enter the email address into the appropriate field.


    8. how do I add another email address to my account? | Yahoo Answers

      (3) In the “Extra Email Address” section, click Get Started. (4) Either type whatever new address you’d like to try (we’ll tell you if it’s already taken), or use one of our suggestions on the right. (5) Click Choose. Now your extra address appears in the list of Yahoo!


    9. How do you add another yahoo email address to your existing yahoo account? | Yahoo Answers

      On your mail page click options -- mail options -- accounts -- add accounts ( it says it is under construction but you can still add another account )*.


    10. How to Add Another Account in Yahoo Mail - Solve Your Tech

      • Yahoo Mail offers a solution that lets you sign into your Yahoo account, then simply click the email
      • Our tutorial below will show you how to add another email account (even a non-Yahoo one) to
      • You will need the email address and password for the account that you want to manage from Yahoo Mail.