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    1. Ways to Delete Gmail Account on Android | Device Model Information: Model Number: Nexus 5 Android Version: 6.0.1

      • "I have multiple Gmail accounts opened on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S6), and I no longer need them. So, is there any way for me to delete some of them?" [New]How to Add Google Account on Android Device.


    2. How to Add Multiple Gmail or Google Account on Android Device

      • So today in this tutorial you are going to learn how to add multiple Gmail or Google accounts on a single Android phone or tablet. The process is so simple and take a mintue and no need to use any third party application on your device.


    3. How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts to an Android: 15 Steps

      • And because the Android OS was developed and released by Google, you’ll also find the Gmail app preinstalled on most Android device and supporting Gmail email accounts. If you’re using Gmail as your email provider, you can add not just one, but multiple Gmail accounts on your Android.


    4. How to Add Another Google Account to Your Android Device

      • Add an Account from Android’s Settings. The first thing you’ll need to do is jump into the Settings menu. Pull down the notification shade, and hit the cog icon (on stock Android devices, you’ll need to pull the shade a second time
      • You can also add a secondary account directly from the Gmail app.


    5. How To Manage Multiple Google Or Gmail Accounts On Android

      • From your Android device’s home screen, go to Settings > Accounts and tap Add account. Select Google from the list. To add an account that
      • Problem what i found when i add account in android gmail app if i add other email accounts. it is displaying as could not find details. what is the solution.


    6. Is it possible to add two Gmail accounts to Google Now on one Android device? - Quora

      • How do I add multiple devices in Android device manager? How can I remove my Gmail account from a device?
      • How do I add a 2nd Google account to my android?


    7. How to add a second Google account to your Android device | Android Central

      • Instead of trying to keep all of your Google accounts in order on multiple devices, why not have everything on one device? Android has made it easy to add accounts, sync accounts, and remove accounts — here's how.


    8. How to Log Out of Gmail on an Android | Chron.com

      • You can add multiple Google accounts to your Android gadgets, so you can manage all your business emails using a single device. Unfortunately, you can't log out of Gmail on an Android phone without removing the Google accounts.


    9. How to Transfer Phone Numbers on an Android to Gmail | Chron.com

      • If contacts are mainly kept in an Android-based phone or tablet, consider copying the contacts to a Gmail account.
      • To sync your contacts, add your Gmail account to the device and enable account synchronization.


    10. How to: Add Multiple Google Accounts to Your Android Device [Beginners' Guide] | Droid Life

      • Sometimes, you’re not the only one that uses your Android device. For example, if you have an Android
      • John Robert Peters. My problem is I want to add my google account to my sisters phone so I can buy stuff
      • And how does this affect your device if both GMail accounts have Google Voice?