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    1. Bar-Line (XY) Combination Chart in Excel - Peltier Tech Blog

      • Building a combination chart in Excel is usually pretty easy. But if one series type is horizontal bars, then combining this with another type can be tricky.
      • Change added series to XY scatter with lines, no markers (top right). Adjust secondary Y axis (left vertical axis)
      • Installing an Add-In in Excel 2007.


    2. How to Add a Horizontal Line to an Chart in Excel [Target + Average]

      • While creating a chart in Excel, you can use a horizontal line as a target line or an average line.
      • So that’s the whole story about a horizontal line. And, now if someone asks you “how do I add a horizontal line to an excel chart?” you can show them two different methods and also help them to...


    3. Excel Charts With Horizontal Bands - Peltier Tech Blog

      • This was already done in the first chart when the added series was converted to XY type. Add a secondary horizontal axis to the chart.
      • I managed to set up the line graph with bands in excel 2013. For some reason I had a similar graph that was setup in excel 2007 but when opening in 2013 the...


    4. Floating Bars in Excel Charts - Peltier Tech Blog | Floating Columns Crossing the Horizontal Axis

      • In Excel 2007 and later you cannot combine a stock chart with any other chart type, so you can’t add another series to show how, say, some market index varies in comparison.
      • Every trick that works with line chart vertical Error Bars will also work with XY scatter chart vertical and horizontal Error Bars.


    5. Excel Dashboard Templates Step-by-Step Horizontal Bar Chart with Vertical Lines Tutorial - Excel Dashboard Templates

      • First we will make a Horizontal Bar Chart in Excel and then we will add individual XY Series to create the Vertical Lines. Step-by-Step. 1) Create Horizontal Bar Chart – For 2007 – Highlight the Data Range...


    6. Excel Dashboard Templates 3 Ways to Create Vertical Lines in an Excel Line Chart - Excel Dashboard Templates

      • When doing so, your chart will now look like this: 3) Add a Vertical Line using an XY Scatter Lines.
      • Drop Lines (1) Dynamic (38) Email (1) Embedded Chart (2) Engineering (1) Error (1) Error Bars (3) Excel (251) Excel 2007 (2)
      • How-to Highlight Specific Horizontal Axis Labels in Excel Line Charts.


    7. Line-XY Combination Charts - Peltier Tech Blog | Line-XY Combination Charts - Learn Excel says

      • Main navigation. Peltier Tech Consulting. Excel Chart Add-Ins. Advanced Excel Training.
      • Vertical (Y) and horizontal (X) error bars may be applied. Creating the Chart. Let’s start with some simple data
      • Regrettably, in Excel 2007 Microsoft has broken the treatment of XY series dates on a Line...


    8. Fill Under or Between Series in an Excel XY Chart - Peltier Tech Blog

      • In Excel 2010 or 2007, you’ll have to trudge up the the Chart Tools > Layout tab, click on the Axes dropdown, click Secondary Horizontal, and finally
      • We will also need two stacked area chart series, one for the clear region below the lower XY line, and one stacked on top to fill between the XY lines.


    9. Dot Plots in Microsoft Excel - Peltier Tech Blog | Add the XY Data

      • The Problem. A popular chart type in Excel is a line chart. Below is a line chart showing some simple data.
      • In Excel 2007 and 2010 find the Error Bars control on the Chart Tools > Layout tab.
      • For XY points, Excel adds vertical and horizontal error bars.


    10. Stock Charts in Excel 2007 - Peltier Tech Blog | Fix the Up-Down Bars Using an XY Type Series

      • Whereas we could combine XY and Stock types in a single chart in Excel 2003, Excel 2007 disallows this combination.
      • The steps to add up-down bars and high-low lines have been changed drastically in Excel 2007.
      • If you are plotting multiple stocks, the horizontal axis shows the stock names.