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    1. alliteration - English to Tamil Meaning of alliteration - english-tamil.net

      • English to Tamil Dictionary: alliteration. Meaning and definitions of alliteration, translation in Tamil language for alliteration with similar and opposite words.
      • What alliteration means in Tamil, alliteration meaning in Tamil, alliteration definition, examples and pronunciation of alliteration in...


    2. Alliterate Meaning - YouTube

      • Video shows what alliterate means. To exhibit alliteration..
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      • Alliterate Meaning. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary.


    3. alliteration Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

      • Meaning of “alliteration” in the English Dictionary.
      • In his poems, he used rhyme and alliteration similarly to the way they had come to be used in classical poetry.


    4. ALLITERATION Meaning in Hindi: Translation of Alliteration in Hindi

      • Get alliteration meaning in Hindi at best online dictionary website. Translate english word alliteration in hindi with its transliteration.
      • There are total 1 hindi meaning and definitions have been listed for the english word 'alliteration'. Its meaning is 'अनुप्रास' which can be transliterated into english as...


    5. Definition & Meaning Alliteration

      • What does Alliteration mean? Here you find 34 meanings of the word Alliteration. You can also add a definition of Alliteration yourself.
      • Alliteration. In poetry: the repetition of sounds in closely associated words. The term is usually applied to the repetition of consonants, particularly when they...


    6. What does Alliteration mean? | Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Alliteration.

      • Meaning of Alliteration. What does Alliteration mean? Information and translations of Alliteration in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


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    8. Alliteration - Wikipedia

      In literature, alliteration is the conspicuous repetition of identical initial consonant sounds in successive or closely associated syllables within a group of words, even those spelled differently. As a method of linking words for effect, alliteration is also called head rhyme or initial rhyme.


    9. Alliteration Examples in Literature

      • Alliteration is derived from Latin’s “Latira”. It means “letters of alphabet”.
      • We also find alliterations in names of people, making such names prominent and easy to be remembered. For instance, both fictional characters and real people may stand out prominently in your mind due to the alliterative...


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      • literally meaning in tamil. any thing told in a literal sense of manner.
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