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    1. android - adb command for getting ip address assigned by operator - Stack Overflow

      I need to fetch the IPaddress assigned by the operator after a successful 3G or LTE data call. … I tried adb shell dumpsys and grep ip address, but in vain. Any help/pointers?


    2. android - How to get IP address of the device from code? - Stack Overflow

      Is it possible to get the IP address of the device using some code?


    3. android - Getting IP address of local network using java - Stack Overflow

      I want to obtain the local IPv4 address of a user on their phone running my application when connected to a wifi network. Using the following code: …


    4. How to get Android IP address from adb/commandline/shell

      Older devices have netcfg. Adb shell netcfg. If the device doesn’t have netcfg installed try. Adb shell ip addr show wlan0. Also this is possible. Adb shell ip route. Oneliners. This works only for Wifi. It does not show the public IP of the device when connected through 3G/4G. Adb shell ip route | awk '{print $9}'.


    5. Get gateway ip address in android - Stack Overflow

      How to get gateway IP details , There is option using wifimanager but. If there is no wify how to find gateway,dns and other details in android device when connected using usb tethering.


    6. java - How to get IP address and names of all devices in local network on Android - Stack Overflow

      I want to see all the connected devices on my network with java, but I can't get it working. I have attached some screenshots below of how I want it to be output.


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      I want to get the currently running Android Emulator's IP address through code. How can it be achieved?


    8. Android Get Mobile IP Address code example - ITek Blog

      • Getting the android IP address for Wi-Fi connection using the API is very simple
      • And if you want to get the IP as IPV4 just replace the line: if (!inetAddress.isLoopbackAddress()).


    9. Set up Android Emulator networking | Android Developers

      • Network address space. Local networking limitations. Using network redirection.
      • Note that the same address assignments are used by all running emulator instances.
      • When starting the emulator at the command line, you can also use the -dns-server <serverList> option to manually specify the...


    10. Get my wifi ip address Android - Stack Overflow

      How can I get the ip address of my phone when it is connected under wifi? I found a method here but it returns something like even if I'm under wifi and I expect something like