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    1. Bash Shell Command to Find or Get IP address – nixCraft

      • I want to get the internet ip address from a command. Regards Oscar.
      • Explanation: The vertical line, the pipe symbol, | , takes the output of everything on the left and feeds it to the command on the right.


    2. Linux: Get IP / IPv6 (internal/external) on Command Line/Shell - If Not True Then False

      • This is quick tip, howto get internal IP address and external IP address on Linux Shell / Command Line. This guide also show, howto make useful Bash functions to get IP addresses quickly.


    3. Quickly Get an External IP Address from the Command Line

      • Find your IP Address on a Mac. Get the Public Cellular IP of an iPhone (or Android) Fast. Set IP Address from the Mac Command Line.


    4. Quickly Get a Router IP Address from the Command Line

      • How to Get Default Gateway Address in Mac OS X. “Another device on the network is using your computer’s IP address” Mac Error Fix.
      • Posted by: William Pearson in Command Line, Mac OS X, Tips & Tricks. 7 Comments.


    5. Get mac address from command line (CMD)

      • Windows Command Line. A-Z Windows Commands, Batch files, Dos and PowerShell.
      • Just run the command getmac to get the mac addresses.
      • “arp -a” should tell you which MAC address is associated with the remote computer’s IP address.


    6. Android Debug Bridge (adb) | Android Studio | A client, which sends commands. The client runs on your development machine. You can invoke a client from a command-line terminal by issuing an adb command.

      • Get the Google USB Driver. Create Run/Debug Configurations. Build Your App from the Command Line.
      • Or, on an Android Wear device, you can find the IP address at Settings > Wi-Fi Settings > Advanced > IP address.


    7. Get IP Address from Command Line | David Walsh Blog

      • What's funny is that I don't recall why I needed it, I just did. So what's the easiest way to get my IP address from the command line? To get your internal IP, you can do the following


    8. Setup DHCP or static IP address from command line in Linux - blackMORE Ops

      • Step 4.1 – Setup DHCP from command Line in Linux.
      • With DHCP, you get IP address, subnet mask, broadcast address, Gateway IP and DNS ip addresses. Go to step xxx to test your internet connection.


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    10. Android ip command

      • Use either of the following to get the IP address of wlan0 (only if it is May 30, 2016 In this post, I'd like to tell you how to set the Android network preferences on
      • 099s latency). For a WiFi You can issue adb commands from a command line on your connect host [: port ], Connect to a device over TCP/IP.