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    1. Android Gmail App Change Color

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    2. Android Calendar App Can't Change Calendar Color of Non-Google Accounts – Google Product Forums

      • I can go into setting and change color of Google account calendars but non any other account!
      • I'v also a google calendar and one Exchange calendar listed in the Android Calendar App, but only the gmail color can be changed.


    3. How to Change Default Gmail Account on Mac, PC, iOS or Android

      • How to Set up Multiple Google Accounts and Change Default Gmail Account.
      • Here you will find a variety of posts showcasing the coolest products, apps, accessories for iOS and Android.


    4. google play store - Change Gmail account to make in-app purchase? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • What is the procedure to change email account which you want to use to make in-app purchase?
      • I am using 2 Gmail accounts and only 1 has a credit card attached. The primary account has a credit card, the secondary does not.


    5. Gmail label colors not syncing properly | Android Development and Hacking | Forum

      • I make extensive use of colored labels to organize my Gmail account inbox and that has always worked well on my previous
      • 1) back to gmail interface with my computer and change one label color to another color.
      • 3) back to android gmail app, and select "all messages" folder to see all of them.


    6. Android Gmail App and Inbox App Still Increasing Font Size

      • This is probably because the Android Gmail app has to be updated through the Google Play store, whereas
      • You'll also want to change the color of the text in this div to match the color of the section of your email that it's in.
      • However, it does NOT work for accounts that are linked using POP/IMAP.


    7. Gmail Update: Support for Embedded Styles and Media Queries has Arrived! | This blog details what we've found out now that the changes are live.

      • That is, somebody using the Android Gmail app to connect to an account that's not a Gmail account, such as Yahoo! or Outlook.com.
      • However, the text in those 3 columns must be hidden by changing the color to fit your email's background color (display: none, font-size: 0, and other hacks didn't work...


    8. Change your Gmail settings - Android - Gmail Help

      • Any settings you change here apply to all the Google Accounts you've added to your Gmail app. Gmail default action: Choose whether messages get deleted or archived when you swipe them.


    9. 5 great Android app alternatives to Gmail | Greenbot

      • More like this. Gmail for Android adds new features for Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail accounts.
      • Each of these apps offer their own strengths and unique take on how to manage email (although they really like the color blue for their icons).


    10. How to change the main Google account used by your Android device.

      • Android: Change Main Google Account. By Mitch Bartlett 6 Comments.
      • Restart your Android device. Once the device restarts, open an app that requires a Google account such as Google Play, Gmail or Hangouts.