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    1. 15 Methods on how to make video calls between android and iPhone- dr.fone

      • There are certain applications as FaceTime for android to iPhone work, which are confined to a unique operating system either it is iOS or android.
      • This article has also got apps and screenshots which will help you recognize the process of making video calls between android and iPhone.


    2. How to Make Video Calls between Android and iPhones - Android Apps

      • There are multiple ways you can make video calls between Android & iPhones however, none of them involve FaceTime. Sure, it would have been amazing if Apple allowed their mainstream video chatting app to be available on other platforms, but as we’ve discussed in “Can You Get FaceTime for...


    3. How to Video-Chat Between iPhone and Android - Consumer Reports

      • The app allows video-chat conversations between any combo of iPhone and Android phones. Plus it has an interesting feature called Knock Knock. When you are calling someone who has the app, that person can see a video stream preview of you as you call, a feature that you, as the caller, can turn...


    4. How to Make Video Calls Between iPhone and Android

      • One of apps that you can try as an alternative for video calling between Android and iPhone is Skype.
      • It is quite simple to do because almost of people already have this Google account and may your friends that you need to video call are also already have one.


    5. 6 Free Apps To Make Video Calls Between Android & iPhone | Android Crush

      • Ever wondered how to exchange free video calls between Android and iPhone? These free video calling apps might help you to call, message, video call.
      • Here are 6 unique options to make Audio-Video Calls between iPhone & Android for free.


    6. Top 5 Apps for Video Chat Between iPhone and Android

      • You can download free Video Call between iPhone and Android.
      • Topping the list is a video chat app that deviates from the norm and QikShare is its name. In addition to video calls, this app gives you the ability to record and publish videos onto your Qik feed.


    7. Best Ways To Video Chat Between Android And iphone

      • Video calling within same OS is easy, but what about video calling between iPhone and Android?
      • For making a video call using this, you need only a Google account. The best part about this app is you can add 150 people to your group while chatting which is more than convenient for...


    8. 5 apps for video calling between iPhone and Android users

      • Here are 5 apps that allow iPhone and Android users to video call each other
      • Moreover, it is the only app from the pack that supports group video calls, allowing up to 4 people to participate in a video call. Plus it also offers VoIP (call any “regular” phone number for less) while offering the ability...


    9. Make Video Calls between Android and iPhone | Install Facebook Messenger app.

      • You cannot use FaceTime to Video call an Android device, So now you get it. No Chance That’s What you got :P. Apple ecosystem is very complex and it only supports Apple devices.
      • Following are the few apps which will help you to Make Video Calls between Android and iPhone.


    10. How to "Facetime" between Android and iOS devices easily | App Quickie #015 - YouTube

      Video calls across platform has always been such a problem. So, here is the best way for Android and iPhone users to "Facetime" easily and quickly.