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    1. 3 Ways to Make a Cake from a Mix Without Oil and Eggs - wikiHow

      • Baking With Applesauce Instead of Eggs and Oil. Using applesauce will lower the calorie content while still making the cake moist.[1].
      • Basically, one cup of applesauce per box of cake mix acts as a fair substitute for the required amount of eggs and oil.


    2. What Does Adding Applesauce to Cake Mix Do? | Our Everyday Life

      • A number of cake recipes incorporate applesauce as an ingredient, and it's also commonly added to boxed cake mixes. Applesauce's moisture, sweetness, acidity and fresh fruit flavor all have beneficial effects in some recipes. It can be added as a supplement to a cake prepared normally, or used as a...


    3. How To Turn Ordinary Boxed Cake Mix Into Crave-Worthy Cakes - One Good Thing by Jillee

      • Then add a can of pumpkin and a 1/4 cup of applesauce (or oil if you prefer). Bake according to package directions. Apple Spice Cake.
      • Start with a box of yellow cake mix (DO NOT use cake mix with pudding in it.) Put the cake mix into your mixing bowl, and add the amount of eggs...


    4. How To Make A Boxed Cake Mix Taste Homemade - One Hundred Dollars a Month

      • I use applesauce in place of oil in my cake mixes and sometimes pudding.
      • I used a yellow cake mix and pistachio instant pudding mix. It is so good. Thanks to all for a way to make a box cake mix into something special.


    5. Substituting Pumpkin Same As Applesauce? - CakeCentral.com | Forum

      • I found a recipe using a box mix spice cake that uses applesauce to replace the water in the recipe. I would love to try this with canned pumpkin... Do you think I could substitute the applesauce in the recipe with pumpkin?


    6. How to Bake a Really Moist Boxed Cake | Our Everyday Life

      • A boxed cake mix is inexpensive and convenient, but it can sometimes produce a dry-tasting cake.
      • However, if you're on a reduced-fat diet, use applesauce instead of the oil.


    7. What Does Adding Applesauce to Cake Mix Do? | eHow

      • Create different flavor profiles using flavored applesauce. Cinnamon-flavored applesauce will enhance the flavor of a cake with walnuts or pecans.
      • How to Jazz Up a Box of Carrot Cake Mix. How to Use Pineapple Juice to Substitute Liquid in Baking.


    8. How to Bake a Cake With Applesauce Instead of Oil | LIVESTRONG.COM

      • Do not use applesauce to replace butter in a cake, or the consistency of the cake will not turn out properly. Use a different recipe that calls for oil if you want to replace the fat with applesauce. Tips. Read the instructions on the box if you are using cake mix.


    9. What Can You Substitute for Oil While Baking a Cake? | LIVESTRONG.COM

      • Applesauce adds no fat calories and, if you use unsweetened applesauce, this will reduce the sugar content.
      • Not healthier, but just as yummy, melted butter also substitutes for oil in a cake. In fact, many boxed cake mixes use butter or margarine instead of oil.


    10. Can you substitute applesauce in cake mix

      • However, in certain cake mixes that do not have lots of flavor, the applesauce is very noticeable. I would suggest using it in rich chocolate cakes and cakes with fruit, not plain vanilla cakes.
      • What can substitute oil in a box cake mix? An equal amount of apple sauce can be substituted for the oil.