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    1. How do I recover my Google account (or Gmail) password or username? - Web Applications Stack Exchange

      I have forgotten the password or username for my Google account, or I'm unable to access my account for other reasons. How can I recover my account?


    2. How to reset my Gmail password when I don't remember my recovery information - Quora

      • If you have lost or forgotten your Google/Gmail password, or if your account was hacked, you have exactly one way to get back into that account.
      • Since you cannot do number 3, I would do either #1 or #2. If you cannot remember what email address or phone number, they will give you a hint to which...


    3. I have tried to login into my gmail and can`t remember my email address or password how can I discover what they are? - I need my gmail email address and password so I can upload the contacts from my old mobile to my Iphone and I can`t remember the address or password. :: Ask Me Fast

      • Can I connect you with a community expert to help you with your question? The video could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the
      • source : i cant access my account. i remember my email address and password, but it asks secret question that i dont remember?


    4. Reset Gmail Password Without Recovery Phone Number or Email

      • Meditate, Seriously you can’t remember that password if you are too eager and restless. Try out possible passwords you would use.
      • If you have tried the steps above and you still can’t remember your Gmail password? or Maybe your account was Hijacked? Then your case is serious, we really...


    5. SOLVED: I cant remember me gmail address or password - Fixya

      You can check through your friends account and then you find out info of your account,collect your email address and then send a request form facebook that you forgot password. you will receive a mail about your password and then log in and cancel it.


    6. I can't remember my gmail password - Gmail | Forum

      • Can't remember gmail password or security questions ✓ - Forum - Gmail.
      • When you created the account, did you register alternate recovery email address or phone number to which you have access to receive a reset code?


    7. How to Reset a Gmail Password if You Don't Remember the Security Question | Chron.com

      • Forgotten Gmail passwords prevent account access, but you can do a password recovery and reset, using several methods.
      • Google recommends that you attempt to answer the questions, even if you don't remember them. If the first time fails, make another attempt, with a different variation on the...


    8. My Galaxy Gio is locked at the Gmail address log on. My daughter doesn`t remember the Gmail account or the password? - When my daughter got the phone she set up a Gmail account but she can`t remember the address or password and now we can`t use the phone. :: Ask Me Fast

      • I dont remember my email address for gmail nor the password... what should i do?
      • I have tried to login into my gmail and can`t remember my email address or password how can i discover what they are?


    9. SOLVED: I can't remember my gmail address nor my password - Fixya

      • 4. If you can't remember your password, hit the "need help?" blue link and follow the steps to
      • Unless you had setup an alternative email address or contact for password reminders to be sent to
      • Cannot remember password to facebook. and my gmail address has been deleted face book...


    10. How to Recover Your Gmail Login Password - wikiHow

      • How to Recover a Gmail Password. In this Article: Using the Gmail Website Using the Gmail App
      • If you don't remember any of the passwords you've used before, click on Try a different question at
      • If you were unable to enter a previous password or receive a message at your associated phone...