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    1. AT&T Reverses: You Can Use iPhone 5 FaceTime Without Wi-Fi (Updated)

      • After months of complaining, AT&T will now doing the right thing, unchaining customers with regular tiered data plans to use FaceTime on their LTE phones and iPads with nothing more
      • One bummer: those grandfathered into "unlimited" iPhone data plans of yore will be excluded, AT&T confirmed to us.


    2. Instructions How To Use Iphone 4s Facetime Without Wifi At T

      • Hey Clint, if my iphone 4s has been jailbreak then I use iMessage without any data or wifi, can i. If you are having Wi-Fi connectivity problems while
      • When I dial her thru SCORE 71.2. Q: How do I use Facetime and Wifi on the Iphone 4. Can I have step by step instructions on what to do please?


    3. How to Use FaceTime Without Wi-Fi on an iPhone 6 - Live2Tech

      • Many people will inevitably wonder how to use FaceTime without WiFi after discovering how useful of a feature it can be. FaceTime is a video calling feature that is available on many iPhone devices.


    4. Sorry you can't use facetime on iphone 4 without wifi.

      • How do you work FaceTime on an iphone 4 to a computer? Yes you can, actually. Just use your Apple ID to dial to the Mac PC or Mac.
      • How do you use FaceTime without wifi?


    5. Instructions How To Use Iphone 4 Facetime 3g Without Wifi On Sprint

      • I did without any internet during the sea days, and used wifi on the island for the I can use my iPhone 5 on land or at sea and if I go over they will automatically
      • Other than Proceed with the instructions that will follow on your screen. Use facetime video chat WITHOUT being connected to a wifi network.


    6. Manual Facetime Iphone 4 Without Wifi Ios 7

      • Wait for a while (turn on/off Wifi) and then switch ON iMessage. and use FaceTime, I tested it with my husbands phone, he hasn't upgraded to iOS 7 yet Just got iPhone 5s, followed all the instructions above, however under working. next time I'll try the log out log in without first doing the airplane...


    7. How to Only Use Facetime on WiFi With Your iPhone 5 - Solve Your Tech

      • Disable Cellular Facetime on the iPhone 5.
      • When you are connected to a WiFi network, such as one at home, work or an airport, you can freely use Facetime without worrying about its’ impact on your monthly data usage allotment.


    8. Can I Use FaceTime Over 3G/4G?

      • If You're On Verizon: You'll be able to use FaceTime over 3G or 4G, without extra charge, no matter what data plan you're on. However, as with all carriers, it will only work if you have an iPhone 4S or above. iPhone 4 users and below are left out in the cold.


    9. Does Iphone 4 Have Facetime Without Wifi

      • iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later, iPad mini (all models), iPod touch 4th With a cellular data plan, you can also use FaceTime without Wi-Fi on any of
      • Even the original FaceTime front facing camera on iPhone 4 delivered a Apple Watch can now communicate directly with known wifi hotspots using.


    10. Use FaceTime Over 3G Without a Jailbreak via Personal Hotspot

      • Connect to that Wi-Fi hotspot with another FaceTime capable iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
      • I can use skype video chat on my android phone over 3G without any problems.
      • (Recommended; People surround may use it.) 8. Now, open your iPhone: Turn on the Wifi.