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    1. Best Cheapest Place to Live NYC: Five Neighborhoods in Each of the Boroughs

      • ­ Five Best, Cheapest Places to Live in Every NYC Borough.
      • While it is true that New York City’s most popular and trendy nabes are far too expensive for many of us, there are certainly some awesome and cheap places out there.


    2. What is the cheapest yet safest place to live in NYC? (Without being too far from the city) - Quora

      • Where would be the cheapest place to live around New York City within the public transportation commuting distance? How many days do you need to live in NYC to go from tourist to the next level of understanding/experience of the city?


    3. Cheap places to live in nyc? | Yahoo Answers

      If you can spend $2000 a month on rent, you'll be absolutely fine in NYC. Heck, there are 2 bedrooms in the Bronx, parts of Brooklyn and Harlem that go for $1600. Just don't forget to factor in other costs, like utilities, transportation, taxes, food, insurance, savings, and personal items.


    4. Cheap Apartments in NYC: Cheap Alternative Neighborhoods

      • If you have a neighborhood that you really want to live in but just can't afford, one easy way to find cheap apartments in NYC is to look in nearby neighborhoods that are somewhat less desirable but offer apartments at a significant discount.


    5. Cheap Eats NYC Affordable Place To Eat Near Me New York

      • When It Comes To Cheap Eats, NYC Is King. Elizabeth Buxton.
      • This may be news to you, but living in New York is kind of expensive. And while it may always be the land of $17 cocktails and unmentionable rents, the food scene isn’t all that bleak.


    6. How Much Does it Cost to Live in NYC on the Cheap? | The World Pursuit

      • New York is an expensive city, but we were able to make it slightly more affordable. Here is how much it cost us to live in NYC on a budget, while still
      • In some places like Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia we can even get by comfortably on $700-$900. So yes, we lived in NYC on the cheap end...


    7. 100 Best "No Fee" Apartments in New York City (with pics)!

      • Here is the complete list of top NYC apartments for rent. View photos, floor plans & more. Which one would you live in?
      • Getting all my features. Staying in the location I want. Having the cheapest price.


    8. 28+ [ Safe Cheap Places To Live In Manhattan ] | How Much Does It Cost To Live In Nyc On The Cheap, New York Neighborhoods Ranked Best Places To Live In Nyc, Where Are The Best Safe And Cheap Places To Live In

      • Pennsylvania • Nicest Places In England To Live • Most Beautiful Places In Colorado Springs • Amazing Places France • Places To Live Dublin • Beautiful Places Near Houston • Beautiful Places In North Alabama • Beautiful Places In Usa To Live • Beautiful Spots In Bay Area • Beautiful Places...


    9. How to Live in New York City for a Month | Live Abroad

      • Andy, any advice on living in Metro New York, Bronx, Brooklyn etc...? Looking for some cheap places to rent / stay.
      • and in exchange for lodging haul up gifts and things on the plane, upon arrival take the NYC Transit, the Subway to the Bronx, it is like I never left when I get on the E or F Train in Queens or...


    10. What is a cheap place to live in NYC for a wheelchair user? - Quora

      • 1 Answer. Francisco Mata, lives in New York City. Written Sep 19, 2015.
      • What is a good suburban location for a wheelchair user to live if working in Cupertino? Where are some good and free or cheap places for actors to practice in NYC?