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    1. belsis.ru/data/tecs/Soft.png

      • Адаптер (переходник) HDMI вилка/DVI-D розетка.


    2. DVI-HDMI no sound [Solved] - Audio - Streaming Video & TVs

      • I have got a new DVI to HDMI cable and there is no sound, I am aware that DVI does not support audio, but I have an audio Jack in the PC/DVI slot in the back of my monitor/TV and going from that to th.


    3. Chromecast with HDMI-to-DVI converter : Chromecast

      • Chromecast with HDMI-to-DVI converter (self.Chromecast). submitted 3 years ago by mopisgod.
      • Using a DVI monitor (Dell U2412M) with it results in a proper picture. No sound, but that one is kind of obvious.


    4. WD TV HD - HDMI to DVI No Sound Solution? - WD TV HD - WD Community

      • so i bought a hdmi-to-dvi cable and it works fine, crystal clear video, but of course no sound. i also have a rca connector plugged in to fetch the audio but my tv just won't take it. i can still watch everything in standard quality with the rca but ... come on ... what the ...???


    5. No sound using DVI to HDMI adapter - Ask Ubuntu

      • Why is there no sound when using DVI to HDMI adapter?
      • To have DVI sound coming through an HDMI adapter, you need to be using a DVI-D connector with a graphics card that supports transmitting audio over DVI.


    6. How to get sound via DVI on Monitor? - how-to - Audio | Forum

      • Connected Computer to HDTV via HDMI-DVI Adapter - No Sound Playback Through HDTV Forum. Im trying to connect my Polaroid le60gd13h to my new Panasonic sound bar
      • Chromecast via monitor only - no sound Forum. How to make the sound come out from my TV connected to my pc via HDMI ?


    7. Cheapest Chromecast W/ DVI-D Monitor Setup (Google Cast's "Cast Screen / Audio" Support Only) - $2: 10 Steps

      • Hi Fizzelo, I have followed up your post and purchased "hdmi to dvi-d" connector for my TV which is LG RZ-32LZ55. I think its a pretty old tv and am stuck with it. I couldn't get my chromecast connected to this TV using the above hdmi to dvi-d connector.


    8. Casting to TV with DVI socket (via HDMI audio extractor). NO SOUND – Google Product Forums

      • No HDMI socket. Instead there *is* a DVI socket. There are also a variety of audio sockets. My understanding is DVI does not accept sound input.
      • You can try splitting the Chromecast HDMI output to isolate the audio. Please note that such use is off label.


    9. how to use chromecast with dvi/vga port monitor?? - Forums - CNET

      • Hi guys I have syncmaster p2250 hd lcd monitor,I wish to use it with chromecast/ezcast will there be sound possible.it has a dvi and vga port.the monitor is HDCP compatible.
      • You can try the usual HDMI to DVI dongle but sound is gone.


    10. Hdmi--->Dvi No Signal On Monitor - General Discussion - Roxio Community | Forum

      • My HDMI to DVI-D works fine... YOU DO have to Manually set the Monitor to correct source.
      • There are different kinds of DVI connections.Digital and Analog are 2.If the cable or the monitor input don't match then that could be a problem.