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    1. AirPlay or Cast Windows to Apple TV, Chromecast with AirParrot 2

      • Works with AirParrot Remote.
      • Remotely control AirParrot 2 with your iPhone or iPad. AirParrot Remote allows you to control what’s happening on your computer screen and what’s being shown on your Apple TV and Chromecast from the palm of your hand.


    2. Problems with Ipad Air 2 – Google Product Forums

      • I can connect and cast great from my wife's ipad mini and from my macbook air, but I'm having problems with my Ipad Air 2. When I try to set up a device using the chromecast app on the ipad air 2 everything works out great and it says, "ready to cast".


    3. Mouse with iPad air 2? | Apple iPad Forum

      • I have an iPad air 2 and love it. I rarely use my pc anymore and honestly if I could use a mouse with it then I wouldn't need a pc.
      • Is there an aftermarket keyboard with a trackpad built in that will work with the iPad air 2 jail broken?


    4. Chromecast Setup Ipad Mini

      • The latest additions to Cupertino's flat family are the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 Chromecast Tips. US Only.
      • plug it into same time it works equally well with Apple iPhone 5S, iPad Mini and iPad Air.


    5. iXpand not working with iPad Air 2 - SanDisk Forums

      • I have a brand new iXpand drive that works fine with iPhone 6 & iPad Air but not with iPad Air 2. I have downloaded the app on to the iPad. When i insert the drive into the iPad Air 2 i either get the following message or i get nothing.


    6. padgadget.com/?p=1789

      • Google Releases Chromecast App for iPad and iPhone.


    7. Chromecast audio not connecting – Google Product Forums

      • I grabbed an iphone 5 running IOS 8.4.1 and the Chromecast Audio started right up on my 5ghz network. This was after it failed to connect on an iphone 6+ running 9.02 and an iPad Air running 9.01. Again, my regular Chromecast works fine with my IOS 9 devices.


    8. Will the apple pencil work on ipad air 2 | Official Apple Support Communities

      • I purchased an ipad air 2 for drawing but found that there are hardly any pressure sensitive stylus that work with it. Does anyone have any idea if the new apple pencil for the ipad pro will work for ipad air 2?


    9. Solved: Problems with Chromecast Audio and Android - The Spotify Community

      • I would like to add that the problem also appears when I'm using Spotify on my iPad Air 2 and the chrome cast audio.
      • Definitly no hardware defect of the chromecast because all other apps work, including other music streaming services.


    10. The best keyboard for the iPad Air 2 | The Verge

      • The iPad Air 2 is great, and by now the myth that you can't get "real" work done on it has been thoroughly debunked. You can use office apps from Apple, Microsoft, and any number of elegant text...