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    1. Cross Country Road Trip: Los Angeles, CA to Albany, NY | Forum

      • In 3 weeks I will be making a drive from Los Angeles to Albany and I wanted
      • Miscellaneous tips for a new road tripper: stop often, stretch, walk around the rest
      • Also, little more details. The point of this trip is to get my car to NY (so get to NY...


    2. Driving from Los Angeles to New York | Forum

      • I'd like to fly out to Los Angeles after graduation and then drive to New york. Ive been to New York several times in the past but thats it!
      • Me and my girlfriend are also planning to do a Road trip from LA to NY. We're setting aside 3 months for it.


    3. They Drove A Tesla From LA To New York In A Record 58 Hours 55 Minutes

      • They drove 3,011 miles from Los Angeles to New York City in 58 hours and 55 minutes, including
      • Reese had made a cross-country drive before, doing the 2011 Cannonball Run—the famed and
      • Road trips never go entirely according to plan, especially ones this long. An 18-wheeler’s tire...


    4. How to Plan a Cross Country Road Trip to Las Vegas: 8 Steps

      • Tips. You should get the book "The Next Exit" for any road trip. It lists what gas stations, restaurants, etc are at every stop and how far from one another they are.
      • Travel from L.A. to New York.


    5. Cross-Country Road Trip in a Tesla Model S: Day 6

      • Day 6 — New Philadelphia, Ohio to New York / New Jersey.
      • Traffic was bad, but fortunately not as bad as Los Angeles at this time. I stopped in Delaware next. It was already dark outside.


    6. How Long Does It Take for a Road Trip Across America? | USA Today

      • How to Plan a Road Trip From New York to Florida. Route Ideas for a Road Trip From Seattle to Vegas.
      • How to Plan a Cross-Country Road Trip. Road Trips From Los Angeles to Galveston, Texas.


    7. Driverless car begins historic 3,500-mile cross-country road trip from California to New York

      • The car left San Francisco and is headed to New York for an April 3 car show.
      • A driverless car is currently on a cross-country road trip to test the state-of-the-art technology that allows a driver to sit back and relax with
      • Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore reunite in Los Angeles to shop for furniture.


    8. Tesla may delay demonstration of self-driving tech - Business Insider

      • Musk said in October that a Tesla will drive itself from Los Angeles to New York before the end of 2017.
      • Elon Musk said Tesla may delay its cross-country road trip in a self-driving car.


    9. First Cross-Country Tesla Trip Takes Less Than a Week, Costs $0 | WIRED

      • But even before Elon’s Excellent Adventure, two teams from Tesla will attempt to set a cross country EV record this week when they leave Los Angeles on Friday and (hopefully) arrive in New York on Sunday.


    10. Road Trip Planner: Routes for Cross Country Road Trips of Every Length - Thrillist

      • Some ground rules to start: The classic cross-country road trip route, established in the 1970s during the legendary Cannonball Run races, starts at New York City’s Red Ball Garage and ends at the Portofino Hotel and Marina in Redondo Beach, California, about 7 miles south of Los Angeles...