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    1. How To Unlock/Reset Your Android Password Pattern Lock | Wasconet

      • Huawei and Blackberry free unlock codes, android phones tricks and rooting, tecno, infinix phones and prices.
      • This tutorial will show you how to unlock and reset your android device lock pattern if you have forgotten your lock pattern and can remember your Google/Gmail account.


    2. How to Unlock Forgotten Android Patterns Device using Gmail Account

      • How to Completely Remove the Forgotten Passcode/Patterns Lock on Android. This method, is probably the easiest to get access to your locker android phone, but with one limitation
      • There are no options for forgot password or gmail account, and I have tried over 100 times on the pattern lock.


    3. HTC EVO 4G :: Pattern Lock - Forgot Gmail Account

      • Problem is I forgot my gmail account...I know I can take it and get it reflashed and lose all data...
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      • General :: Huawei Ascend G330 - Forgot Unlock Pattern - How To Access Recovery Mode


    4. I reset my android phone and forgot gmail account how i unblock my phone | Oss pind to bilong krda by sidhu mooswale new punjabi song download

      • I cannot get the password to work, nor does my phone have a "forgot password" button.. The email is a Gmail account which .
      • The screen locking feature of a Huawei Android smartphone protects it -- and the private information stored on it -- from unauthorized use, but you can still reset a. Hi I kind of...


    5. How to Hard Reset Phone when you Forgot Lock Pattern - Android Advices

      • I have a huawei ascend h688c and my sister forgot the email and password and its locked completely how do I wipe it or anything ?
      • chillax every 1………. its a flaw in android first, if your gmail account is [email protected] type username: obama password: null u can thank me….:P.


    6. How do i reset my m860 huawei phone if i forgot lock pattern and gmail account info? - How do i reset my m860 huawei Android phone ? :: Ask Me Fast

      • 44% - I forgot my pattern lock password and google account info on my huawei ascend?
      • 64% - How do i unlock my android huawei when i've forgot the pattern and i dont know my gmail info?


    7. My Huawei phone is pattern locked. How can I unlock it - VisiHow

      • Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device.
      • There is only one way you can unlock your Huawei phone now that it's locked with a pattern that you have forgotten.
      • But I didn't know the pattern lock/Gmail account info/Backup pin?


    8. How do you remove the pattern lock on a Huawei model U8665 phone? - Forgot my pattern and email address :: Ask Me Fast

      • Forgot lock pattern and gmail account; how can phone be reset?
      • Huawei u8665 bypass screen lock. My phone is locked from too many pattern attempts i enter my gmail account and it says its incorrect?


    9. How to unlock android huawei if i forgot pattern attempt to many times forgotten the gmail didnt set a recovery email forgot the security password? - How to unlock your phone if you forgotte gmail password email didnt set a recovery email :: Ask Me Fast

      • Too many patterns I forgot my gmail account and don`t wanna loose any data..i want to enter a code to unlock my huawei u8500.
      • source: I entered the pattern unlock so many times in my akai android tablet then my tablet locked and i forgot my gmail username and password and i forgot ev?


    10. Issues : Forgotten Unlock Password, Unlock android Pattern Lock using Gmail, Reset Pattern lock without data loss.

      • How to Unlock Android Pattern lock in Smartphones.Reset pattern without Data Lost,Internet connection,Bypass Lock screen Using Gmail account, Factory reset.
      • Forgot your Android lock screen pattern, PIN or password ???