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    1. Frivolity | Definition of Frivolity by Merriam-Webster

      • Frivolity definition is - the quality or state of being frivolous. How to use frivolity in a sentence.
      • 2 : a frivolous act or thing He spends money on the latest fashions and other frivolities.


    2. Frivolity - definition of frivolity by The Free Dictionary

      • Define frivolity. frivolity synonyms, frivolity pronunciation, frivolity translation, English dictionary definition of frivolity. n. pl. fri·vol·i·ties 1. The quality or condition of being frivolous.


    3. FRIVOLOUS | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

      • frivolous meaning: 1. behaving in a silly way and not taking anything seriously: 2. A frivolous activity or object is silly
      • Definitions and Grammar. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English.


    4. FRIVOLITY | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

      • frivolity meaning: 1. behaviour that is silly and not serious, or things that are silly and not important: 2. foolish behavior, or something silly or unimportant
      • Definition of “frivolity” - English Dictionary.


    5. Frivolous | Definition of Frivolous by Merriam-Webster

      • Frivolous definition is - of little weight or importance. How to use frivolous in a sentence. A Serious Discussion about the Meaning of frivolous.


    6. frivolity - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com

      • Frivolity is a type of clownishness or silliness. Frivolity is the opposite of getting down to business in a serious way. If people are running around a classroom, throwing things, and laughing...


    7. Frivolous - definition of frivolous by The Free Dictionary

      • Define frivolous. frivolous synonyms, frivolous pronunciation, frivolous translation, English dictionary definition of frivolous. adj. 1. Unworthy of serious attention; trivial: a frivolous novel.


    8. Frivolity definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

      • Frivolity definition: If you refer to an activity as a frivolity , you think that it is amusing and rather... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


    9. Frivolous | Define Frivolous at Dictionary.com

      • Frivolous definition, characterized by lack of seriousness or sense: frivolous conduct. See more.


    10. Frivolities | Define Frivolities at Dictionary.com

      • Frivolities definition, the quality or state of being frivolous: the frivolity of Mardi Gras. See more.