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    1. Funny English Language Jokes

      • Have fun with some of the quirkier aspects of the English language, laugh at some hilarious jokes and get a variety of writing tips that you might want to think twice about using. Read on and enjoy our funny English language jokes.


    2. Fun English Language Stuff - Cool Trivia, Funny Jokes, Tongue Twisters, Riddles

      • Find cool trivia, funny jokes, impossible tongue twisters, witty riddles, classic puns, unique figures of speech and much more. Read on and have fun learning more about the English language!


    3. Aha! Jokes > English Jokes > English language

      • - Funny Jokes - Funny Cartoons - Random Jokes - Fun Pages - Funny Videos - Funny Forwards - Funny Audio - Fun Downloads - Funny Links > Featured Today - What's new? - Joke of the Day - Funny Pic of Day > Other Options - Link to Us - Submit a Joke. English language.


    4. 10 English jokes to make learning English fun. | English with a Twist

      • Every evening I share a joke on my Facebook Page under the title of Evening Fun. In today’s post, I’d like to share 10 jokes that I think shows the humour and clever play on words in the English Language.


    5. ESL Jokes | English Club | joke (noun): something said to make somebody laugh; a trick played on somebody for fun to joke (verb): to make jokes; to be not serious PHRASES: to tell a joke: to tell someone a funny story; to be no joke: to be a difficult or serious matter; to be beyond a joke: to be worrying

      • Welcome to EnglishClub ESL Jokes, where you'll find lots of funny jokes for all levels of ESL learners. Jokes are an essential part of the English language and culture. If you really want to understand English, it will help if you're able to understand the jokes that people tell in English!


    6. Funny English Words - Quirky English Language

      • Funny English Jokes.
      • English Is A Funny Language Says Expert. More Quirky English Words.


    7. Learn fun jokes in English

      • Do you like telling jokes in your language?
      • In this section you can read lots of really funny jokes in English. Do they make you laugh?


    8. Good Jokes. Funny short stories and tales | Good Jokes Based on Clever Use of Language

      • 'In English', he said, 'A double negative forms a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative.
      • 'Well,' replied the jay walker, 'I hope it's having better luck than me.' ¤ Clean and Funny Good Jokes from Will and Guy.


    9. Funny Jokes Related To English Language And Grammer | Tapori Baba | Get Funny Jokes, Witty Quotes, Jokes For Whatsapp & All Puns

      Funny Grammer Question In English. Especially for English Language Lovers. Can any one tell the difference between 'Completed' and 'Finished'? Some say there is no difference between 'Complete' and 'Finished.'. Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand. Like...


    10. 10+ Hilarious Reasons Why The English Language Is The Worst | Bored Panda

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