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    1. Why would a heart attack cause pain or discomfort in our arm?

      • Although in many heart attacks, pain can begin in the chest and spread to other areas, even when there’s no chest pain as an initial symptom, heart attack signs may include pain or discomfort in the left, right or both arms or in the shoulders, elbows, back, neck, throat, lower jaw or stomach.


    2. Does left arm pain mean I am having a heart attack? - Heart Attack - Sharecare

      • Many people know that left arm pain and chest pain can signal a heart attack, but not all heart attacks have these symptoms. Protect yourself by knowing all of the symptoms of heart attack and seeking emergency medical care if you experience them. Warning Signs.


    3. Heart attack and left arm pain: Is your shoulder pain due to heart problems?

      • Left arm pain or shoulder pain can be a common symptom of an impending heart attack.
      • Shoulder pain and its link to heart attack. Chest pain is one of the most common signs of a heart attack that many people recognize easily.


    4. Expert Advice on How to Know if Left Arm Pain Is Heart Related

      • If your left arm pain has a very short duration (seconds) it is very unlikely to be caused by the heart.
      • www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartAttack/WarningSignsofaHeartAttack/Warning-Signs-of-a-Heart-Attack_UCM_002039_Article.jsp.


    5. Pain in left arm: Possible causes, other symptoms, and treatment

      • Pain in the left arm is a common sign of a heart attack.
      • The American Heart Association advise calling 911 if sudden left arm pain worsens over the course of a few minutes, or is combined with any of the following symptoms


    6. Heart Attack Warning Signs - Arm Pain

      • Another heart attack warning sign is arm pain, also known as referred pain. In this case, an individual experiences severe arm pain radiating from the shoulder, all the way down to the left arm. Usually we ignore arm pain as a common painful condition.


    7. Pain in Left Arm: Causes, Diagnosis, and More | Heart attack

      • In some cases, the arm can swell. Other signs include discoloration of the hand, cold hand or arm, and a weak pulse in the arm.
      • What to expect at the doctor’s office. If you have left arm pain accompanied by other symptoms of heart attack, don’t delay.


    8. How to Know If Left Arm Pain Is Heart Related | LIVESTRONG.COM

      • Pain in the left arm can be due to many causes, ranging from a pulled muscle to a massive heart attack.
      • Warnings. Left arm pain that gets worse with activity and improves with rest should prompt immediate medical attention, as this may be a sign of heart disease -- especially if the pain is deep...


    9. Why do People Having a Heart Attack Often Feel Pain in Their Left Arm? | MD-Health.com

      • It is possible to have a heart attack even in the absence of any left arm pain.
      • You already know the reason, but you should also have some information about other warning signs of heart attack. 1. Chest Pressure, Pain, and Discomfort.


    10. 12 Heart Attack Early Signs and Symptoms in Women & Men

      • Knowing the early warning signs of heart attack is critical for prompt recognition and treatment. Many heart attacks start slowly, unlike the dramatic portrayal often seen in the movies.
      • 9. Arm pain (more commonly the left arm, but may be either arm).