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    1. Puppy heart murmur grade 5

      • Heart murmur in pups is very common and usually goes as the pup . 5. 9. Sat. a bad heart murmur, we were told out labrador puppy had grade 5 by the Just because your pet was diagnosed with a heart murmur does Not mean that they...


    2. Heart murmur in puppies grade 2

      • Grades 1-2: these murmurs are considered to be minor. Nov 8, 2012 Heart murmurs in puppies. I've been told that 1 has a grade 2 heart murmur and another is grade 2-3 this Hi one of my pups has been diagnosed as having a grade...


    3. Grade 6 Heart Murmur - Dogs - MedHelp

      • My friends puppy of 5 months has just been diagnosed with a grade 6 heart murmur. What are her treatment options and chances for survival? Did waiting a few months to take her to the vet cause a death sentence for her dog?


    4. Heart Murmurs in Dogs | Innocent ‘flow murmurs’ are the most common type of heart murmur detected in puppies. These disappear by 5 months of age

      • This type of murmur is soft (typically a grade 2 or softer) and is not caused by underlying heart disease.
      • Interestingly, some types of congenital heart disease in puppies have very characteristic sounding heart murmurs.


    5. Heart Murmur in Dogs: Should You Be Worried? | Grade 6 – The murmur has reached the peak of its loudness. The vibration can be felt without touching the walls of the chest with the stethoscope.

      • Congenital heart problems — In many cases, heart murmur is detected in puppies usually by the second vaccination.
      • Grade 5 – The murmur is so loud, a stethoscope would pick up the sound even barely touching the chest. You can also feel the vibrations through the chest walls.


    6. Heart murmurs in puppies and kittens

      • These innocent murmurs are always systolic (decrescendo), located over the left heart base, and should never exceed a grade 3/6. In puppies they should have disappeared by the age of 3.5 months.


    7. 6 month old puppy, grade 5 heart murmur - Dogs - MedHelp

      • Our 9 week old puppy has just been diagnosed with a grade 5 heart murmur.
      • I took my 6 month old pomeranian mix pup to the vet to be spayed. shortly after i dropped her off they called and told me she has a grade 5 heart murmur and they cannot do the surgery.


    8. heart murmur in puppies dogs - Yahoo Search Results

      • Grades of heart murmur explained.
      • A dog heart murmur diagnosis doesn't necessarily mean that your puppy or dog is in danger. Find out more about the causes, diagnosis and treatment of this condition here.


    9. Dog Heart Murmur Grades - Website of vexupain!

      • Learn the grading system for dog heart murmur conditions. An innocent heart murmur (grade 1 of 5) was detected in our puppy at 10 weeks old by ausculation. Grades five and six: These are the most serious grades of murmurs.


    10. A Dog Heart Murmur - Should You Be Worried? | Grades III and IV - a puppy or dog may seem to tire easily, lose his appetite, or have a persistent cough. At this level medication is often recommended and surgical options may be considered.

      • Grade V and VI - at this point things get a lot more serious and your dog may seem very unwell.
      • Help, My Puppy Has A Heart Murmur! Before you get too upset, it's important to realize that minor heart murmurs in puppies are actually not that unusual.