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    1. Eclectic Recipes » Hot Pepper Vinegar or Pepper Sauce

      • I still can’t eat greens without hot vinegar. It is a pantry staple in our home I can’t go without it. In the photo, I used one of my old jars I got at a yard sale. I have a few of those, but most of my pepper sauce is in old Patron bottles.


    2. List of hot sauces - Wikipedia

      This is a list of commercial hot sauces. Variations on a company's base product are not necessarily common, and are not always included. Many of these hot sauces are common in North American supermarkets. Scoville heat ratings vary depending on batch.


    3. VInegar / Pepper ratio? - Hot Sauce Making - The Hot Pepper | Forum

      • My question is the proper vinegar to raw sauce ratio. I have seen recipes that contain as low as 10% and as high as 50% vinegar content.
      • Making Hot Sauce 101. Fermenting Peppers 101.


    4. Review – Louisiana Gold Pepper Sauces, Part One – Red and Green – The Official Scott Roberts Website

      • Green Pepper Sauce: Jalapeno peppers and tabasco peppers, spirit vinegar, salt.
      • It you think that Louisiana brand Hot Sauce is only “pepper-colored vinegar”, then give this a try. Green: 4 out of 5. This stuff I can imagine eating directly from the bottle.


    5. pepper vinegar - Hot Sauce Making - The Hot Pepper | Forum

      • Its basically peppers in white vinegar. Dont think its anything to hot usually(maybe jap's, maybe).
      • If you ask your server for hotsauce they will ask if you want Frank's Red Hot or their pepper sauce.


    6. Best vinegar for hotsauce? - Hot Sauce Making - The Hot Pepper | Forum

      • I want to make a basic vinegar, peppers and salt sauce and wondered if I could use apple cider vinegar or is white best?
      • white rice vinegar is pretty rad for a hot sauce. it's nice and mild.


    7. Hot sauce - Wikipedia

      Hot sauce, also known as chili sauce or pepper sauce, is any condiment, seasoning, or salsa made from chili peppers and other ingredients. Humans have used chili peppers and other hot spices for thousands of years.


    8. Review – Born to Hula Hot Sauces – The Official Scott Roberts Website

      • This bright red, medium-thin hot sauce blasts your tongue with sensations of twangy vinegar, bright and spicy habanero chiles and the often-neglected guajillo peppers. Supporting roles from cumin, garlic, salt and onion powder make this a stand-out product.


    9. Southern-style Vinegar Pepper Sauce — Our Daily Brine

      • You can use a bottle of Trappeys hot chili pepper sauce to get it all started. I used to use the 4.5 Oz bottle on the dining room table, now I just fill a Qt. mason jar snugly packed with various chilies like Tabasco, Thai hot and pequin and fill to the top with simmered rice wine vinegar.


    10. Southern Pepper Sauce Recipe - Add a Pinch

      • 1 teaspoon olive oil, optional for extra hot pepper sauce. about 30 small peppers. Instructions. Clean jar, lid, and band and rinse well. Keep warm. Mix together sugar, salt, vinegar, and optional olive oil in a stainless steel saucepan.