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    1. How to backup Android contacts to Gmail account and a few other ways to sync your cantact list

      • I was finally able to understand how to import/export my contacts from my S5 to Google contacts. Your a lifesaver.
      • And similarly sync from Gmail contacts to Android only those having phone numbers ? My gmail has lots of contacts but majority of them do not have phone numbers, only...


    2. How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone To Android (5 Ways) | Ubergizmo

      • The name of the file will be explicit as for how many contacts were exported.
      • Make sure your Android device is connected to the particular GMail account. Allow Google to sync your contacts to your Android phone.


    3. How Do I move Contacts From Phone to Gmail? - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

      • How do I get them there? Also, I have a Thunderbolt, so how do I tell if the contacts are saved on Gmail, the phone, or the SIM card?
      • So I was smart enough to add all my contacts in Gmail first and then just have it sync to my phone.


    4. How to Import and Export Contacts from Android Phone to SD Card - Android Advices

      • This is a useful post, but I always prefer everdroid over anything else. GMail contacts won’t mix up with the phone contacts.
      • You can also use MobileGo for Android to backup android contacts and export the contacts to your PC.


    5. How to Export Contacts from iPhone to PC/Gmail/Android

      • How can I do that?" - Jane.
      • You may buy a new Android phone and try to transfer your iPhone contacts to your new Android. Generally speaking, you can export contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud or Gmail.


    6. How to move phone contacts to Google? - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • Change existing contacts from 'phone' to 'gmail'. 0. Export to SD card disabled. 12. How do I import all contacts from a SIM-card to an Android phone?
      • How to send few specific contacts to my old basic phone? 4. Android contact names does not match Google. 8. Exact same contact shown twice.


    7. Android: Import Contacts from SIM and move to a new Android phone | Tech-Recipes: A Cookbook Full of Tech Tutorials

      • This article will explain how to import your contacts from a SIM card on an Android phone and in turn sync those contacts to your Google account.
      • Export your Contacts as a CSV file. Then login to your Gmail account on the same pc, then go to the Contacts menu on the left.


    8. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android | Android Central

      • Help & How To. You can now 'star' contacts through Gmail. News. Google rolling out CardDAV improvements.
      • How do I transfer my iPhone contacts to my Android phone?
      • You'll start by exporting your vCard. How to export contacts using iCloud.


    9. I want to backup my phone contacts to my Gmail account. Which free Android app can I use? - Quora

      • Before importing contacts to Gmail on your computer, export them from the Android to PC.
      • I don't have access to my phone. How do I get into my Gmail account? How can I verify a Gmail account without a phone?


    10. How to Transfer Contacts, Photos & Music from Android to iPhone - Macworld UK

      • Enter your Gmail account details and enable synchronisation. Your phone contacts and Google Contacts should now synchronise.
      • How to transfer contacts between android smart phone and iphone. Carl Denham - 10:10 10-04-2015. You can just export your phonebook and email it to...