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    1. How to Forward Your iPhone Voicemails to Google Voice

      • When someone calls your iPhone, the phone will ring normally, then instead of going to your normal voicemails, it will be forwarded to Google Voice.
      • It will all be done seamlessly. The person leaving you the voicemail will have no idea of what happened. How to forward your iPhone voicemails to...


    2. Incoming iPhone calls go to voice mail without ringing - AppleToolBox

      • How to Fix iPhone Calls Going Directly to Voicemail.
      • Hello, I had a similar problem with my Iphone 7 plus. I solved it by switching off ‘call forwarding’ in Setting, General, Phone, Call forwarding.


    3. How to Turn Off Voice Mail on Your iPhone | How to disable voicemail (on your iPhone)

      • This is a guide on how to disable voicemail on iPhone. You may also know this feature by the name of mailbox, voice message or voice bank.
      • There is also the option to target individual settings with regards to call forwarding on your iPhone.


    4. How to Turn Off Phone Calls on the iPhone but Keep Data & iMessage

      • 2: Forward Inbound Calls to the Voice Mail or Nonexistent Phone Number.
      • Send a Call to Voicemail on the iPhone. How to Temporarily Turn Off iPhone Caller ID to Make a Blocked Call.


    5. How to divert calls from a specific number only to another iPhone - Quora

      • I forward All anonymous calls to an outgoing voicemail recorded from YouTube that plays “the number you’ve reached is disconnected or no longer in service…” because I cannot block anonymous calls with iPhone call blocking , all other calls
      • How can I forward a single call to another iPhone?


    6. How to stop iPhone calls going straight to voicemail - Macworld UK

      • Read next: How to manage voicemail on iPhone.
      • With iPhone 6s, I had to turn off LTE on Voice to fix this issue. Now my LTE is only on for data, which works fine and now call forwarding rings instead of going straight to VM.


    7. How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone - wikiHow

      • This wikiHow teaches you how to access and customize your iPhone's voicemail settings and greeting message.
      • On some models, you can access these settings as follows: call *#61# and write down the Voice Call Forwarding number (including + signs).


    8. How to Check Voicemail on iPhone SE/6s/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS

      • 2.4 Forward iPhone Voicemail.
      • Part 3. How to Answer Voicemail on iPhone. When someone calls you and leaves you a voicemail, you automatically know that you missed their call.


    9. How can set the number of rings on my iPhone before voicemail picks up? | The iPhone FAQ

      • 2. Locate this text on the screen: "Setting Interrogation Succeeded, Voice Call Forwarding, When Unanswered, Forwards to +" and record the 11-digit number after the + symbol.
      • Ringtime is the number of seconds you want your iPhone to ring before voicemail picks up.


    10. How to Use Call Forwarding on the iPhone

      • Send a Call to Voicemail on the iPhone.
      • How do I forward my calls from my iphone4(straighttalkprepaid) to my iphone6plus(formerly sprint) without having service on the latter?