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      • How to Hard Reset my iBall slide performance series 3g 9728 Tablet? I had bought a new device but very soon it is locked.
      • Once you choose to do factory data reset, all the custom or personal settings will go back its factory default settings. 2) Android Device Manager.


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      • You might be asked to do a factory reset if: You have a Fitbit Charge HR and you've tried all the steps in Why can't I update my Fitbit device?
      • You're using an Android phone and having difficulty with notifications or syncing.
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      • 2) Press and hold the Back and Home buttons (these are the two buttons that lie under the NVIDIA-logo Power button, on its left and right) while powering on your SHIELD
      • How Do I Reset SHIELD TV to Factory Settings. Factory Reset SHIELD TV When You Are Unable to Access Android Settings.


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      • A factory reset will wipe out all the data on the device, reverting it to its factory state (the state it was in when you bought it).
      • Lock an LG Cell Phone. How to. Keep Playing a YouTube Video on Android While Locked.


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      • I want to bypass the screen lock.. I have pressed the power button and volume button while plugged onto a Laptop. Its showing an Android icon with like a hazard what
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    9. Remotely Reset Android Lock Screen Password and PIN

      • Now, if you locked yourself out while it’s on Airplane Mode, well, I’m not sure what to tell you.
      • How to Reset Your Android to 'Factory Default' Status. Find a Lost Smartphone with the Android Device Manager.


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