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    1. How I Learnt Spanish, Italian and Portuguese for the Price of a Beer

      • You speak a lot better than last time,” he said sounding quite perplexed. I had only been in Seville a few weeks; how could I be more fluent than I was last week?
      • But with beer as cheap as €0.33 for a caña (a very petite Spanish beer) and food included, I barely had any expenses.


    2. Food Wishes Video Recipes: Chorizo Steamed Clams – How Do You Say “Ubiquitous” in Spanish?

      • You use "ubicuso" to say ubiquitous in Spanish. : D.
      • Which reminds me....time for a picadinho recipe. I know how to make my own but Im sure many posters here who arent familiar with it would love it.


    3. How do you say can I have a cold beer in Japanese | 冷たいビールお願いします (tsumetai biiru onegai shimasu).

      • How do you say yes to drinking beer in Japanese? If you mean when someone asks you whether you drink or not, you can say 'hai, nomimasu'.
      • How to say in spanish Have a few cold beers?


    4. How do you 'beer' in Spanish

      • How do you say for a beer in Spanish? "Para un cerveza" is the Spanish translation of "for a beer", but it's a phrase, not a complete sentence.
      • Could I have a beer please in Spanish?


    5. how do you say rootbeer in spanish? | SpanishDict Answers

      • i need to know how to say root beer in spanish.
      • The Information you have asked about is not available through the materials found on the Span¡shD!ct learning web site. To find an answer to your question, someone must use “Google”, “Bing” or some other search engine.


    6. How do you order food or a drink casually in Spanish? | SpanishDict Answers

      • Is there a Spanish equivalent of saying something like... "Can I get a round of (fries) for the table?" or "Can I get a (lemonade) and a (water)?"
      • That is like here mate , we never say , give me a beer please, always ," ten beers thanks". - ray76 Mar 23, 2013.


    7. Can you have 3 beers please

      • How do you say 3 beers in french? 'Trois bières' because trois = three and bières = beers. If it was just one beer, it would be bière without the 's' on the end.
      • Could I have a beer please in Spanish? podria tomar una cerveza por favor.


    8. Can I have...? | SpanishDict Answers

      • • can I have a beer and a brandy, please? -> ¿me daría or pone una cerveza y un coñac, (por favor)?
      • has all to do with your voice tone when you are doing the asking. you can use the imperative in English or Spanish and be very polite just by how it is said, and adding a "please" or a "por favor".


    9. Beer in Spanish

      • How do you say root beer in Spanish?
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    10. To have or to take a beer | SpanishDict Answers

      • How could I say "Me tomé una cerveza el otro día"? I took a beer the other day.
      • "Ir" and "Irse" in Spanish quiz. What Are Some Different Ways to End a Letter in Span... Traditional Spanish Food. Active vs. Passive Voice quiz.