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      • How to Say "What's your name?" in Spanish.


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    3. What does 'mother's maiden name' mean? How would you explain it to a child? - Quora

      • Let us say that your mother's name was Mary and she was born into the Smith family. Her maiden name would be "Mary Smith."
      • How do I write mother's maiden name in NSR form? Please give some examples? What was the maiden name of Clemens Vonnegut Sr.'s mother?


    4. Mothers Maiden Name in Birth Certificate | Forum

      • Lets say your Husbands last name was Doe. 1. John Doe - Husband. 2. Jane Doe - Wife 3. Jack Doe - Son 4. Jill Doe - Daughter.
      • How easy it is to get a successful court order given we have the affidavit for mothers maiden name, so that we can change it on baby's passport.


    5. Maiden name? | SpanishDict Answers

      • What is the proper way to say Maiden name in Spanish? Some places tell me nobre virginal which seems strange and others say nombre de soltera.
      • Now go and ask Enrique what is his mother's maiden name: "Gómez"!!!


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      • How do you say what are their names in french? quels sont leurs noms, comment s'appellent-ils / s'appellent-elles.
      • Trouver un How Do You Say What Is Your Mothers Maiden Name In Spanish.


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      • For those unfamiliar with Spanish naming conventions, finding and exploring ancestors may be a
      • As you may have realised, this means that what we would call the mother’s maiden name, is
      • It say’s Rafael Martin Gonzalez for my Granfathers name and His father signed his own name as Jose’ Martin.


    9. How do you say mother in Spanish

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      • How do you say my mother is a teacher in spanish? Mi madre es una maestra.


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      • I would like to know how to say in Spanish: "My mother is beautiful." Thank you.
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