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    1. How to Change the Text Message Tone on an Android: 5 Steps

      • You can change the sound through controls on your Android.
      • Unanswered Questions. How do I make a mp3 a text tone? Answer this question Flag as...


    2. How To Change The Message Tone On Android OS phones | WONTEK

      • Fig.1 Messaging icon. (depending on the version of th Android OS installed or theme this may be slightly different).
      • fig.6 changing the ringtones. Congradulations! you have changed your message ringtone or tune.


    3. Set / Customize Any Song As Ringtone or SMS Alert on Jailbroken iPhone With AnyRing

      • change message tone iphone cydia app to change text notification box song on my iphone 4 as text message alert musik som ringesignal på 4 set
      • ringtone iphone custom text message sound os 4.2 how to transfer android 2.2 ringtones for iphone personal message tones for iphone 4 jailbreaked...


    4. How to Change Default Ringtons, Sound Notifications, Alarm Tone on Android Devices - Android Advices

      • That how you can change the default ringtone on your Android phone. Changing Alarm Tone.
      • i have a LG optimus L7 and i am trying to figure out how to change my message tone to a song is this possible. Reply.


    5. How to Change the Text Message Tone on an Android

      • Actually, it is pretty easy to change your text message tone on your Android phone and it will not take more than a minute to do so. So you can set your message tone according to your changing mood and feel a little different from before.


    6. How do I change my message tone? - Android Games And Applications - Android Forum - A Community For Android Users and Enthusiasts

      • I am new to Android (moved from iPhone). The Android version installed on my phone is 4.4.2 and my handset is a Huawei Honor 6+. I cannot find anywhere within sound settings, where I can change my message tone.


    7. How to change Viber Ringtone and Message Tone on Mobile – VoipNina

      • The default ringtone is bit old fashioned and you may want to change this ringtone to a more funky one. So lets learn how you can do that.
      • What you will be able to do in Viber is assign one ringtone for all the phone calls and one message tone for all messages.


    8. How to Change Message Tone on iPhone 6 | iOS Tips

      • Home. ios Tips. How to Change Message Tone on iPhone 6.
      • How to Change Font Size in Notes on iPhone. See All... Latest Android Articles.


    9. How to Change the Tone for SMS and MMS | Forum

      • From settings you can change the phone ringtones for calls but I haven´t find how to change or set tones for advising SMS and MMS messages. Any help, please!


    10. Ringtone for text messages | Forum

      • To set a default ring tone for texts, from the home screen tap Messages, then Menu -> Settings -> Notification sound.
      • This app simply does a batch ringtone change for each member of the group, but it's handy.