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    1. How to change or disable your text messaging ringtone on your Android device.

      • How to Set Text Message Ringtone in Android. By Mitch Bartlett 8 Comments.
      • Note: Some Android devices may have different apps included by the carrier for text messaging. These instructions are for the default Android Messaging app.


    2. How to Set Text Message \ Notification Ringtone on Android Smartphone - YouTube

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      • In response to a viewers (m0sas) comments on how to set a different notification ringtone for text messages than any other notification ringtone on a Samsung Galaxy S2 / SII Smartphone running Android Gingerbread.


    3. 3 Ways to Change an Android Ringtone

      • Your Android device comes with a variety of pre-installed ringtones that you can select from the Settings app.
      • Tap "Ringtone" or "Phone ringtone." This will open a list of all of the available ringtones on your
      • How do I change the notification sound for my mail, messaging, or other app?


    4. How to set MP3 file custom ringtone & notification sound on Android

      • On Android generally, this isn’t a hard thing to accomplish. But, on several of Samsung’s recent high-end releases, it’s nearly a walk in the park.
      • In this guide, I’ll show you how to set an MP3 file as custom ringtone or notification sound on certain high-end Samsung phones.


    5. How to change the message tone on an Android phone. - YouTube

      • How to Set Own Music (MP3) as Text Message / E-mail Notification Ringtone on Android OS - Продолжительность: 5:37 Inam Ghafoor 244
      • How to Use SD Card as Internal Storage in Android Easy Steps, No Root!read description - Продолжительность: 5:27 CHR1SCO 461 290 просмотров.


    6. How To Set Text Message Notification Sound/Ringtone (for Android) - YouTube

      • This is a video on how to set a specific ringtone for your text messages on Android.
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      • If the ringtone you want isn't showing up in the sounds list, make sure the mp3 file has been copied over to the "notifications" folder...


    7. How to use your own music as notification (text) ringtones on Android - YouTube

      • How to: make a custom notification message ringtone on the Samsung Galaxy S2. Also works on other Android phones. Edit: I changed the title, this is
      • A notification message is the notification of a text message, for example. Yes, people asked that. Go to (on your phone, of course) My files, media...


    8. How to Set Own Music (MP3) as Text Message / E-mail Notification Ringtone on Android OS - YouTube

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      • Just a quick video on how to set a custom (MP3) ringtone for a text message / email notification other than the ones that come standard on the android
      • Android 101: How To Set a Song as a Ringtone or Notification - Продолжительность: 7:12...


    9. How To Add Custom Ringtones On Android - YouTube

      • In this video, I show you how to add a custom song or sound to your phone's ringtone folder.
      • This way, you can set that custom mp3 file as your ringtone and it will show up when you go to change it in the settings. Otherwise, going to your sound settings will not display the songs on your phone.


    10. How To Set A Custom Ringtone for your Text Messages or SMS for Androids - YouTube

      • How Do I Change The Text Message Or Notification Tone On My LG Spectrum?
      • How to set your own ringtone on xiaomi Mi A1 - Продолжительность: 2:10 Technical Dungeon 22 338 просмотров.
      • How to change the message tone on an Android phone.