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    1. How to Fix FaceTime "Waiting for Activation" Error on iPhone

      • And then came the FaceTime thing. On one of our iPhones, we're still trying to activate FaceTime but where it has gotten activated, these are some of things we had to try.
      • Now, how do you find out if there's an issue with your Wi-Fi? Normally, you don't.


    2. How To Find Out If FaceTime Uses Much Data

      • Also read: How to Record FaceTime Video Call on iPhone or Mac. How to Check Overall FaceTime Data Usage? It’s noted that if you want to find out overall FaceTime data usage, you should have FaceTime app downloaded on your device.


    3. Can You FaceTime On Android? (10 FaceTime Alternatives)

      • Wants to know facetime-like features and facetime alternatives in Android? Find answers here.
      • I remember trying that app on my iPhone 5s back in the day and I hated it.
      • This item is entitled “How to FaceTime on Android – 5 Easy Methods”. I have yet to see ONE method yet.


    4. Facetime Missing on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch ? – VoipNina

      • Find out how you can solve this problem and get Facetime back.
      • The missing Facetime app problem is not specific to any particular device. This issue has been seen on iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPad or even iPod Touch.


    5. Where is the Facetime App on My iPhone 5? - Solve Your Tech

      • There is no Facetime app on the iPhone 5, rather the feature is built directly into the phone functionality of the device.
      • You can read below to learn how to make a Facetime call to one of your iPhone 5 contacts.
      • Find the iPhone 5 Facetime Feature.


    6. How to fix FaceTime when it is not working on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. - Macworld UK

      • We explain how to check whether the issue is at Apple's end, finding out whether FaceTime is down, and what to do if Apple’s FaceTime isn’t working for another reason. These FaceTime fixes will help you troubleshoot Apple’s video phone call app. Related: How to make free phone calls on iPhone...


    7. How to FaceTime on Android (or the best alternatives)

      • Apple launched FaceTime back in 2010 with the iPhone 4 as a way for Apple users to connect on a more personal level.
      • More importantly, you’ll have to find the one that all of your friends and family members are willing to use. That’s the sad thing about messaging apps.


    8. How To Disable The Blurred Camera Effect In The FaceTime App On iPhone

      • How To Summon Banners With iPhone Battery Informat...
      • By default the FaceTime app on your iOS 10 iPhone displays a blurred silhouette of yourself via your device’s front-facing camera any time you’re in this app.


    9. How to Make Video Calls between Android and iPhone

      • How to Make Free VoIP Calls on Android Without Dealing with Google. 8 Best Messaging Apps for Android to Talk Your Heart Out.
      • Is there an app where the iphone user doesn’t have to install and only the android and it appears just like facetime.


    10. No FaceTime App on my iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch - AppleToolBox

      • how ridiculous – I buy an iPod Touch in Dubai’s famed duty free, then get it home (UK) to find that it does not have the best app that Apple have – FaceTime.
      • I bought iphone 5s from dubai and i am not having facetime . How can i get it ?