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    1. How to Import vCard VCF Contacts into Gmail - iPhone Backup Extractor Blog

      • Log into your Gmail account using the required credentials. 2. Select "Contacts", then "Import Contacts".
      • Recover your restrictions passcode for iPhones and iPads on iOS 10. How to get back WhatsApp Messages from iPhone.


    2. How to get Google contacts on iPhone | Step 1: Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and select your Gmail account.

      • All your Google and Gmail contacts will now be imported into your iPhone. Note that if you’re using other Google accounts or iCloud, you might see duplicate contacts, which you can easily fix by
      • More ways to get the most of your contacts. How to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer.


    3. How to import Google contacts into your iPhone | Can’t get Google contacts into your iPhone? Here’s our fix

      • Don’t worry: There is a way to get those Gmail contacts into your iPhone’s address book.
      • Here’s a step-by-step of how I imported all my Gmail contacts into my iPod Touch (it should work on iPhones as well) so I could actually, you know, talk to people


    4. How to Import iPhone Contacts Into Gmail

      • You can transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android by uploading them to Gmail. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do it.
      • Fortunately, you can take matters into your own hands and import your iPhone’s contacts into Gmail Contacts, which can then sync with your a new device.


    5. 3 Ways to Get Gmail Push Notifications on iPhone

      • Take the time they removed push notification support for Gmail for iPhone’s Mail app.
      • Unless, of course, you know how to game the system. There are a couple creative hacks you can set up
      • To get a secondary iCloud account, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add
      • Go back into Gmail settings and select “Forward a copy of incoming mail to [your iCloud address] and archive Gmail’s copy.


    6. ios - Get iPhone contacts into Gmail - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

      • Now getting the iPhone contacts into Gmail is proving to be a huge pain, there is a ton of information about this on the web but a lot of it must be outdated and none of the methods have worked for me yet. How can I get contacts of iOS 5 iphone 3GS...


    7. how do I sync Gmail contacts on my iPhone? | Official Apple Support Communities

      • My iPhone is pulling my Gmail, but I can't figure out how to sync Gmail contacts into my phone contacts.
      • See which contacts are currently being displayed IE: iCloud, gmail, on my iPhone, etc. Turn a couple of them off, and see if half the contacts disappear.


    8. How do I move my iPhone contacts to Gmail? - Ask Different

      • Export contacts from GMail & import them into Address Book and then… merge yourself. Set up your Gmail contacts via Exchange on your iPhone. http
      • How do steampunk civilizations get lifting gas? Align centered list. Why Eisenheim made Prince Leopold feel guilty of murder?


    9. How to Sync Gmail Contacts on iPhone and iPad

      • When you have got your iPhone or iPad, the first thing on your mind is syncing Gmail contacts on this new iDevice.
      • How to Sync Gmail Contact to iPhone using CardDAV Account. Step #1: Follow step #1 and #2 as above.


    10. How can I get all of my Gmail contacts into my Mac Contacts? - Ask Different

      • I was able to import all of my Gmail contacts into my iPhone but my Mac doesn't include them.
      • How to use Gmail contacts on an iPod Touch. 3. How do I get my Google contacts in Gmail on my Gmail app on the iPad? 3.