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    1. How to Hide / Disable the new Social and Promotions tab in Gmail

      • For me , i feel the promotional tab a bit annoying as i hate unnecessary ads in my mail . So i found out how to hide the new tabs in Gmail . Moreover many users have reported about ads being served in disguise of emails in Gmail’s new interface .


    2. How to change the delivery of emails from the promotions tab to my Inbox in Gmail - Quora

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      • Is there any way to send promotional emails to Gmail inbox instead of promotions or updates tab in Gmail?
      • How do I delete multiple emails in my Gmail inbox? Is it possible in Gmail to open a given email on a new tab?


    3. How does Gmail decide whether an email is promotional? - Quora

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      • Related Questions. How does Gmail know which one is promotional email, which one is an update email or forum or social or primary?


    4. How to get Gmail to stop filtering my emails as promotions - Quora

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      • How does Gmail decide whether an email is promotional? How can I get rid of the 7k unread emails in my Gmail fast? How do I stop unwanted emails coming in to my Gmail account?


    5. How to receive emails in Gmail primary inbox – Handling Gmail tabs

      • Just like the spam folder, the promotional tab in Gmail is a folder where most of the junk emails are filtered.
      • How to hide / Remove post date, time and author name in Blogger posts.


    6. How to disable new 'Primary', 'Social', and 'Promotions' tabs in Gmail [Guide] dotTech

      • All you are doing is transferring Social and Promotional emails to Primary.
      • How do I remove them completely so Gmail will not keep on sending my email to these tabs.
      • How to hide or show Windows updates in Windows 10 [Tip].


    7. How to avoid Promotions tab in Gmail - Bold & Zesty

      • It’s been awhile since Gmail introduced a tabbed version of inbox, but the infamous “Promotions tab” still haunts marketers today. Nobody likes when their efforts end up among dozens of promotional emails, yet that’s where newsletters so often land.


    8. mail.app - iOS 7 Mail App WIth Gmail: Hide "Promotions"? - Ask Different

      • On iOS 7 in the Mail app, is it possible to some how sort out "Promotions" and "Social" emails from the main lot, similar to how Gmail does on the web? I don't like these emails mixed in with my regular inbox (i.e., the important emails).


    9. Add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail - Computer - Gmail Help

      • Choose other settings, like whether to show importance markers or how to filter mail.
      • Check the boxes of the categories you want to use. If you hide a tab, those messages will show in your Primary tab.
      • Split your emails using Gmail priority inbox.


    10. How To Hide Labeled Emails In Gmail Inbox

      • Gmail allows users to “filter” their incoming mails and apply “labels” on every email that matches the filter’s criteria.
      • You can hide labeled emails easily by simply doing the following. Tip: Archive It!