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    1. Mince Pie Recipe - Woman And Home | How To Make Mince Pies

      • Mince Pie Recipe. Mince pies are so simple to make, and are an absolute must come Christmas.
      • Add chopped nuts and glacé cherries, or a good slug of brandy or rum to shop-bought mincemeat, and guests will think it's homemade!


    2. Home-made mince pie recipe - Telegraph | The mincemeat

      • Home-made mince pies compared with shop-bought ones are as different as Kate Middleton is from Katie Price.
      • I use a tin with indentations about 6cm across. To make 12 mince pies. A 400g jar of mincemeat. 300g shortcrust pastry.


    3. Mince Pies - Easy To Make, Traditional Christmas Recipe

      • Easy To Make Mince Pies. Making mince pies is just a case of making up some pastry, rolling it out, cutting out rounds and filling them with mincemeat – either your own homemade or shop bought.


    4. Star-topped Mince Pies - Yuppiechef Magazine | Ingredients: 240g plain flour 120g cold butter, cut into small cubes 1 orange, juice only [or, if like me you couldn’t find loose oranges, use a 1/4 cup of shop-bought orange juice) pinch salt 350g fruit mincemeat (I don’t make my own mincemeat as the shop-bought variety is perfectly tasty in my opinion) icing sugar

      • Julia Durrant sent us a brilliant edible gift idea for Rosebud Madeleines, and is back with this festive post on how to make your own star-topped mince pies.
      • Press these circles gently into the moulds and dollop in a scant teaspoon of mincemeat.


    5. Mince Pies — The Boy Who Bakes | Notes: You can use homemade mincemeat if you like or even just improve a shop bought version.

      • Mince Pies Makes 15-20. Filling 600g Mincemeat, shop bought or homemade 200g marzipan or almond paste, shop bought or homemade 1 large egg, lightly beaten. Sweet Pastry 1 vanilla pod 400g plain flour 35g ground almonds 75g icing sugar pinch of salt 250g unsalted butter...


    6. Star-Topped Mince Pies | Nigella's Recipes | Nigella Lawson

      • By all means use good shop-bought mincemeat if you want, but I'm hoping you might give my new Cranberry-Studded Mincemeat a go: it tastes both rich and boozy and fresh and fruity at the same time; and it makes for a slightly different mince pie, but in a welcome rather than challenging way.


    7. How to Make Mince Pies | AO Life | Food & Drink

      • As a minimum, I always grate some cooking apple into bought mincemeat, to balance out the sweetness.
      • One response to “How to Make Mince Pies”. Robin Underwood says


    8. CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Mince Pie Empanadas - Cath Kidston

      • MINCE PIE EMPANADAS (Makes 24). What you need: 200g plain flour 100g cold butter – diced 1 egg – beaten 1 tsp lemon juice 2 tbsp iced cold water 200g shop-bought mincemeat Zest of one orange 1 large apple – chopped into small cubes or grated Another egg beaten for glazing.


    9. Cheat's Mince Pies with a Secret Twist - Fab Food 4 All

      • I haven’t made mince pies for about 25 years, gasp!
      • So on Saturday I decided to put together a really quick and easy but delicious mince pie recipe. My Cheat’s Mince Pies with a Secret Twist use shop bought shortcrust pastry sheets, shop bought mincemeat to which you add your own brandy...


    10. Mincemeat Pie Filling - Lovely Recipes | Sweet Mincemeat Recipe - Easy As Pie - How To Make Homemade Mince Meat

      • Cranberry Mince Parcels: Modern Mince Pies. Mince Pies - may not be familiar to everyone - but if you've not tried them the mincemeat
      • You can opt to make your own pastry, but using shop-bought shortcrust pastry makes this meat ... Www.itfoodonline.com - Complete Mince Pie Production Line.