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    1. Easily remove Google account from Android without factory reset - AppsLova.com

      • Print Email. When you have setup your Google account in your android, everything on your phone is now synced to that account.
      • The most common questions related to this issue includes “How to remove Google account without factory reset ?”


    2. How to remove primary Google account from Android Devices without factory reset - Droidiser

      • Home » android » Google » how to » technology 25/04/2012 11:17 pm.
      • All in all, no one would like to lose all his data and apps just to remove that God damn account. Do you want to remove your Google Account from your Android device without factory resetting it?


    3. How to Clear a Previous Google Account From an Android Phone Without a Reset | Chron.com

      • 1 Reset an Android Market Account. 2 How to Log Out of Gmail on an Android.
      • Tap the account you want to remove and touch "Remove account."
      • Android Flip: Reset Google Account on Android Device without Losing Data.
      • Email Newsletter. Facebook. Twitter.


    4. How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone without Factory Reset

      • In this case, you will have to remove Google Account from android device and then add it back again.
      • Thus, you can see how simple is to remove Gmail account from phone without resetting the phone to factory defaults.
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    5. How to Remove a Gmail Account from Your Phone without Factory Reset | Bnewtech.com

      • Read also: How to Block Someone on Gmail from Sending You Emails. There are 3 ways to delete your Primary Gmail account without resetting your Android phone.
      • Method 2: Remove Gmail Account using Root Explorer.


    6. How to Remove iCloud Account with or without Password

      • Remove iCloud Account from iPhone/iPad and Computers. Reset iPhone Without Apple ID.
      • In case you forgot iPhone password and want to remove iCloud account without password, here’s how to do it in simple steps.
      • 3.1 Setup iCloud Account on Android.
      • 10.4 Reset iCloud Email.


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      • How can I remove the pattern lock on my Android tablet without resetting it?
      • How can I get it unlocked without factory reset its a pin number? I was hacked through my email accounts.


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      • This step by step process will tell you how to delete Google Account from Android devices without performing Factory Reset.
      • Once you enter your Google email account, it becomes your primary
      • Well I will tell you some simple steps for removing Google account without deleting your phone data.


    9. Warning: You cannot remove Google account from Android phone after factory reset via cmd. - Quora

      • Source: How to Remove Google Account From Android Phone.
      • Then, I know why it is very important to remove Google account from Android phone before doing a hard reset.
      • How do I access a Gmail account without my phone?


    10. Reset Google Account on Android without Deleting Data - Android Advices

      • Now we would see how to remove a Google Account on your Android and keeping your personal mobile files stay intact.
      • So this way you can remove your data easily without resetting your phone.