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    1. How to say you like someone | SpanishDict Answers

      • How do you say you like someone in Spanish?
      • I've been told to use "caerse bien" to say that you like a person, but isn't this more like you get along with them (implying that you know them) rather than you just think he/she is a cool person?


    2. How do you say But i like someone in spanish

      • How do you say where someone is going in spanish? Por donde uno (alguien) va... (En este caso, el pronombre "uno" se refiere a una persona desconocida) The question's a bit ambiguous.
      • How do you say 'liked' in Spanish? This is a far more complex question that it seems.


    3. 4 Ways to Say How Are You in Spanish - wikiHow

      • This conjugation should only be used for someone that you are on familiar terms with, like a relative or friend. The pronunciation of this question would be koh-moh ehs-tahs.
      • How do you say you are going to fall in Spanish.


    4. How do you say someone is Spanish in Spanish

      • How do you say to someone do you like me in spanish? IT's more like: ¿Te gusto? * ¿Qué te gusta de mí?
      • How do you say I have to meet someone in Spanish? Tengo que reunirme con alguien.


    5. How do I say do you like wine to someone In the Spanish language in formal

      • How to say Aged like fine wine in spanish?
      • What do you say after someone says besos in Spanish? besos means kisses, which could mean a friendly way of saying goodbye so you could say adios or you too could say besos.


    6. I Like You In Spanish | Sexy Spanish Phrases for Hooking Up, Dating, Love and Sex

      • Here’s how to tell someone you like them using both gustar and caer: I like you. (in a romantic/sexual way) Me gustas. meh gooss-tahs. Go to this page for how to say “I love you” in Spanish.


    7. How to Say "Good Morning" in Spanish (and 88 other Useful Spanish Words and Phrases)

      • To thank someone in Spanish, simply say gracias. If you're feeling particularly grateful, you can add emphasis with muchas gracias or even muchísimas gracias.
      • How to Say “Tomorrow” in Spanish. Mañana, mentioned earlier, means both “tomorrow” and “morning”. This sounds like it could get...


    8. How do you wish someone a "Happy Easter" in Spanish | SpanishDict Answers

      • We'd just like to know how to say "Happy Easter."
      • In conclusion, it is not customary to say Happy Easter in Spanish, if you insist, say Felíz SEMANA SANTA. But if you think on the events, the word "happy"'to commemorate someone's brutal assesination does not make sense.


    9. how do you call someone, "Fool!" in spanish? | SpanishDict Answers

      • If you only joined here to criticise others you might want to switch to a different forum where you can say whatever you like.
      • In Nicaragua, we consider Payaso, a way of being kind about someone joking around. It's all about how you say the word.


    10. expresión - How do you express attraction to someone (like a crush) - Spanish Language Stack Exchange

      • would be like more saying to your mates or friends that you like someone you don't know so much.
      • How do you say “the <device> is broken/doesn't work” in Spanish? 3.