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      How to translate and say LET in French, expressions like let me, let him, let us etc... we use the verb Laisser in French. Easy to understand and to...


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      • In this video we learn how to say 'Goodbye'.
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      • If you want to say the verb "To Love" in French, you can say: Aimer.
      • Now you try. You might also want to say: I'm in love with you. If you're a woman, you can say: Je suis amoureuse de toi.


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      • Learn French - Survival phrases #2, how to say You're Welcome.
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    6. Why do people in general say that the French stink? - Quora

      • I am a non-French French speaker and I have learned French long before I have actually met a French person.
      • However France is the country of the bidet/ and the boudoir and most French people were/are reasonably concerned about their personal hygiene
      • How do you say beer in French?


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      • There are several ways to say "you're welcome" in French, depending on the context in which you're saying this phrase, and on whether you're saying it in a formal or informal situation. === Using Commo...


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      • How do I say "you're my best friend" in French? wikiHow Contributor. Community Answer.
      • People typically don't say "thank you" as often in French-speaking cultures as they do in English-speaking cultures. If you're unsure whether a "thank you" is appropriate, listen to those around you for cues.[19].