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    1. How to Trace an IP Address: 12 Steps - wikiHow | Enter the IP address that you found. For example, if you wanted to trace Facebook's IP address, you would type into the search bar.

      • Can an IP address be tracked by Facebook or Viber messages? wikiHow Contributor.
      • This version of How to Trace an IP Address was reviewed by Amandine Markham on March 2, 2015.


    2. How to find someones IP address on facebook chat? Trace facebook user with IP finder

      • Find someones IP address using 'Facebook IP finder', tracing Facebook user on Chat, Find Facebook user IP on messenger, Find IP by Facebook chat command.
      • Can Facebook trace the IP Address of this person to find out who the hell is this?


    3. How to find an IP address of a fake Facebook profile user? - Catch facebook user

      • Here in this post, I will show you how exactly you can Find an IP address of a fake Facebook user and even nab the culprit.
      • You can find the list of Tracking tools here: List of IP tracking tools (Tracing Facebook user location).


    4. How to find an IP address of a Facebook user | IP Addresses

      • How do you find an IP address of a Facebook user? Update Cancel.
      • This command doesn't work, because it enlists all the DNS IPs and... Is it possible to track down an IP address from a Facebook user’s URL?


    5. How to trace Facebook users location using IP address

      • In my last post (Finding IP address of fake Facebook users), I had discussed about how you can trick Facebook user into revealing his IP address. In that post i had linked to a ‘IP tracking tool’ provided by GeniusHackers.


    6. How To: Trace Any IP Address :: Gadget Hacks

      • Go to that address, than scroll down to the input box and enter the IP address and hit the "Track IP, host, or website" button.
      • How To: Log In and Access Blocked Websites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) from Work, School or Your Home Computer.


    7. Trace Facebook user account using Facebook's Notification email header - Finding IP address of your friend on facebook and tracing him

      • How to trace Facebook users location using IP address & … Working JavaScript to add all friends to Facebook group! How to find an IP address of a fake Facebook User.


    8. How to Find IP Address of Facebook: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

      • This wikiHow teaches you how to view Facebook's IP address, which determines Facebook's servers' physical location. Right-click the Start icon. It's in the bottom-left corner of most Windows computers....


    9. How to Trace an IP Address to a PC & How to Find Your Own

      • I used IP address tracking to find a long lost girlfriend. It was fun for me, but I guess I somehow scared her off, when I was able to accurately pinpoint her locale while being halfway across the globe.
      • The Complete Facebook Privacy Guide.


    10. How To Trace An Email Address Without Email Header In Gmail

      • Trace Email Address & Sender Location Using Facebook.
      • Hi, I have read your tutorial on how to trace the IP address from a gmail, however I have received an absuive email to my
      • It’s not possible to track the IP address of a sender with Gmail address since Google don’t reveal the IP address.