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    1. How to uninstall gmail app from samsung galaxy s3

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      • I've at least worked out how to stop the Business a/c syncing in the Gmail app but I would prefer to remove it completely from the Gmail app and only have my personal a/c.


    2. Installing and Using Applications on Your Samsung Galaxy S3

      • As for Samsung Apps, it follows more or less the same process. You should login to your Gmail account on the Galaxy S3.
      • Once the installation has completed, tap the Open button to launch the app. How to uninstall an app on your phone? On the home screen, tap Apps icon to access the...


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      • Samsung Galaxy S3: How to Change Gmail Signature.


    4. Delete Data on Samsung Galaxy S3 - VisiHow | HOW TO RESET APP DATA FROM Samsung Galaxy S3

      • HOW TO DELETE AN APP FILE FROM Samsung Galaxy S3. There are two ways to delete/uninstall an application file from your Samsung Galaxy S3. To do this, follow these methods


    5. How-To: Safely Root SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 | One Click Root

      • Block Advertisements Across All Apps. Back Up Every Byte On Your Device. Uninstall Crapware And Bloatware. Remove Stock Android Skins.
      • How To Root SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 In Minutes. Download One Click Root.


    6. Galaxy Tab S3: Uninstall Apps | How do I enable an app that was disabled?

      • A tutorial on how to uninstall apps from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet.
      • The app will then be removed from the Galaxy Tab S3. FAQ. I can’t uninstall certain apps. Why do I have apps where “Disable” is the only option?


    7. How to Disable/Uninstall Knox on your Samsung Galaxy Phones and Tablet

      • I’ve “uninstalled it” but when I run CLEAN MASTER app to reduce my RAM, Samsung KNOX always shows up and is taking about 140MB of RAM space.
      • How to root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7/ … Update Galaxy S6 edge+ SM-G928C to Android …


    8. How to Fix Frequent Freezing Issues in Samsung Galaxy S3

      • See also: How to update Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 4.4 KitKat.
      • To uninstall an application, tap App info, Uninstall, and then OK. Verify that your Samsung Galaxy S III is running the latest software.


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      • How to Quickly Uninstall apps from the App Drawer on Samsung Galaxy S4.
      • Google finally adds rich text formatting to Gmail app! Power Hover – an endless adventure of gravity defying hoverboarding robots.


    10. Samsung Galaxy S5: Uninstall Apps

      • Uninstall apps from your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone using one of these three options. Option 1.
      • Android: How to Add Home Screen. Android — How Do I View the Desktop Version of Web Pages?