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    1. Screen non responsive while charging - iPhone, iPad, iPod Forums at iMore.com

      • Recently I've noticed that while charging my iPhone 5 the screen becomes unresponsive.
      • I have this issue with one particular 3rd party charger as well. Charges fine but renders the screen unusable while plugged in even with an official Apple cable.


    2. ios - iPhone 5 does not work while charging - Ask Different

      • My iPhone 5 does not respond to swipes and gestures on the touch screen, while charging. The buttons work fine. What is this issue, I have on 2 iPhone 5 devices - so not only one.


    3. 5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5c Freezing While Charging | Technobezz

      • See also: How to Fix iPhone 5c has Black Screen, But It’s Still On.
      • Sure, you can charge your phone normally, but after a while, freezing issues may appear. Use the original one, and see if the phone behaves the same while charging.


    4. iPhone 5 erratic screen while charging - | Official Apple Support Communities

      • Another point, is that I have only had this issue when charging via my wall. When I plug the phone into my car, using the same cable, the issue has never arisen.
      • It's interesting, but true that an off-brand wall charger creates issues with the iPhone 5. While scrolling, the screen can't seem to decide...


    5. How to Fix Common Problems with Apple iPhone 5C Repair

      • BEWARE of the actual connecting leads in the charge port while scraping, they can be damaged. Feel free to stop by any of our stores and let us clean it for you...NO CHARGE.
      • I have seen this issue before on the iPhone 5c and I'm sorry to say that the only resolution I have is to replace the screen.


    6. iPhone 5 screen won't display and phone is really hot while charging solved. | Thegsmsolution

      Here we are going to show how you can solve on iPhone 5 screen won't display and phone is over heating and thinks iphone5 won`t turn on like that or LCD blank while insert LCD but when you remove LCD the iPhone in a normal condition no any sign of such a problem.Many hardware issue on iPhone...


    7. iPhone 5 Touchscreen Problems | Official Apple Support Communities

      • I have the same issue, white iPhone 5, the screen freezes and is unusable while charging, BUT if I touch the aluminium border around the phone, then it works.
      • In my office, I have a USB charger that I've always used for my iPhone 4 with no issues.


    8. 9 Important Tips to Prevent Motherboard Issues during Repair iPhone | ETrade Supply Blog | Cellphone News & Repair Tips from the #1 Parts Supplier

      • It’s easy to replace the iPhone 5 LCD screen assembly but when it comes to issues on motherboard, many people even technicians will feel they are hard to work out.
      • POPULAR ARTICLE. HTC 10 DIY Teardown for screen, charging port, battery replacement.


    9. iPhone Won’t Charge – How to Fix Charging issue

      • iPhone won’t charge step 2. It could be a temporary software crash or glitch that may be causing the charging issue.
      • If the iPhone has crashed and gives a blank screen it will fail to recognise any charging source.


    10. Fix "This Accessory May Not Be Supported" Error While Charging iPhone / iPad

      • Do you get an error message on your iPhone or iPad screen after updating iOS to the new iOS 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4? You are not alone.
      • And so here are 5 solutions that will end the “accessory” issue during iPhone charging almost permanently.