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    1. Iphone touch screen problems when charging

      • Find out more information about Iphone touch screen problems when charging right here!
      • The issue appears while diagonally scrolling on the iPhone 5, which sometimes caused the touch screen to drop out or even freeze, according to Slash Gear .


    2. How To Fix iPhone / IPad Touch Screen Not Working Issues | Technobezz

      • What Causes The iPhone/iPad Touch Screen Issues. One of the most annoying issues is when the touchscreen not responding.
      • Charge iPhone / iPad using the original charger.


    3. The touch screen doesn't work during charging | Official Apple Support Communities

      • It sounds like you're experiencing some unexpected touch screen behavior. The steps in this article can help with troubleshooting touchscreen response
      • When I plugged this in my iPhone 5 had no further issues. When I switched back to using an older charging plug from a previous device the...


    4. How to Fix Common Problems with Apple iPhone 5C Repair

      • A hard reset can resolve issue like: blank or frozen screen, crashing apps, touch screen problems, no audio, random noises, no
      • I recently bought a new iPhone 5c screen repair kit and when I attached the screen onto the phone it doesn't show anything on the screen it just makes the charging sound...


    5. iPhone 5 Touchscreen Problems | Official Apple Support Communities

      • The touchscreen acts up by "sensing" my finger even when it's not actually touching the screen, but is just very close.
      • My original and replacment iPhone 5 were both having this issue only while attached to the charger and at or near 100% charge.


    6. iPhone 5 Touch screen randomly unresponsive when charging | MacRumors Forums

      • Forums iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone iPhone. iPhone 5 Touch screen randomly unresponsive when charging.
      • I wondered if that was it. My wife has an iphone 5 and never had an issue. Hopefully its just the charger.


    7. How to fix iPhone 5s Touchscreen not working - Step by Step

      • This causes the screen to freeze up no matter how much or how hard you try and touch it. 1. To solve this issue, restart the phone (press power and the
      • 5s touch screen not working solution iphone 5s touch screen not working when charging iphone 5s touch screen not working when plugged in.


    8. Q: iPhone acts odd, crazy, touch screen, random behavior, while charging

      • I have a cord and wall charger I take with me in my laptop case. It charges the iPhone fine, but... when I attempt to use the iPhone while it charges on this cord the touch sreen
      • It Charges fine but, must have a grounding issue or something that causes the touch screen to respond Crazy & Odd.


    9. Iphone touch screen not working properly when charging

      • iPhone 5 touch screen unresponsive. Thanks for reading, I’ll first explain the bizarre issue I’m having, then I’ll go through what I have attempted and those results (spoiler: nothing worked).
      • SlateDroid Screen touch problem when charging.


    10. Iphone 5 touch not working when charging | Dust or dirt can cause a couple of issues with charging.

      • Find out more information about Iphone 5 touch not working when charging right here!
      • Did it fix the charging issue? Related posts. iPhone only working when plugged into charger. whats wrong with it? my iPhone 4 is acting weird.