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    1. UK mobile phone number list - Area-codes.org.uk

      • UK Area Codes and Phone Number Information.
      • Standard mobile phone and pager numbers in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man are eleven digits long and begin with '07'.


    2. UK telephone number formatting guide - Area-codes.org.uk

      • Phone Number Formatting. How to write UK telephone numbers.
      • However, in most cases it is unhelpful and should be avoided - a visitor using their mobile phone may not know what code they need to insert before the local number, for example.


    3. Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

      • All mobile telephone numbers have 10 national (significant) numbers after the "0" trunk code.
      • Calls and SMS messages sent to island mobile phone numbers are not charged at the same rate as calls to UK mobile phone numbers.


    4. 07 Numbers - Area-codes.org.uk | Charges for calling mobile phones

      • UK telephone numbers beginning '07' are used for mobile devices and for personal numbering.
      • In 1994, the nationwide 'Phoneday' renumbering changed all landline area codes to start with '01' and started a national transition from ten- to eleven-digit phone numbers.


    5. How to call the UK: country code, area codes, phone books

      • Calling the United Kingdom from the United States explained: 011 - US exit code; dial first for international calls made from the USA or Canada. 44 - Country Code for UK. Phone Number (may not begin with 0)


    6. Phone numbers beginning 07 | 07 - Mobile Phone Numbers

      • Mobile Phone Codes. UK Numbering Scheme. 07 Numbers.
      • Previously, it was possible to ascertain the operator of a mobile phone number from the mobile phone code, but now mobile numbers are portable between operators (meaning customers can move to a different operator and...


    7. United Kingdom +44 Reverse Lookup - UK Phone Number Search

      • Free Search of calling codes +44 mobile numbers, how to call United Kingdom, area codes and local time.
      • United Kingdom Phone Numbers. Enter UK country code 44 + area code and local number.


    8. International Reverse Phone Lookup, Country Area Codes

      • Simply enter the country code and phone number in the correct international dialing format for results. Find mobile phone codes in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, India, Argentina, and Brazil or anywhere worldwide.


    9. Telephones & Mobile Phones - Tourist Information UK

      • Telephones & Mobile Phones. Phones are easily found throughout the UK.
      • UK telephone numbers are 10 or 11 digits long. The first part of a phone number is known as the area code, for example 0113 XXX XXX.


    10. What is an example of a UK mobile number

      • How do you call Bangkok mobile number from UK mobile? Thailand uses the country code +66, and you must also drop the trunk prefix 0 from the beginning of the Thai domestic telephone number. Using a mobile phone, just dial the… number in international format...