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    1. State of New York | 6. RENEWAL LEASES

      • This Rider, with this Notice, must be attached to all vacancy and renewal leases for rent stabilized apartments. This Rider was prepared pursuant to Section 26-511(d) of the New York City Rent Stabilization Law.


    2. NYC Rent Guidelines Board | I sometimes pay my rent late - Will this affect my stabilized renewal lease?

      • The offer to renew the lease for New York City tenants must be on a Renewal Lease Form [DHCR form RTP-8].
      • I didn't return my renewal lease in 60 days - Can I be evicted? Under the rent stabilization rules, your landlord must mail you a lease renewal 90 to 150 days before your lease...


    3. New York City Rent Increase | City of New York

      • The New York City Rent Guidelines Board (NYCRGB) determines rent increases for lease renewals of rent stabilized apartments, lofts, hotels and single room occupancies (SROs).
      • Get information about legal rent, rent stabilization, rent control, rent history, and apartment or building records.


    4. FACT | # 4 Lease Renewal in Rent Stabilized Apartments

      • Office of rent administration. # 4 Lease Renewal in Rent Stabilized Apartments.
      • Sources: New York City Rent Stabilization Code, Section 2523.5 Tenant Protection Regulations, Section 2503.5. Related Material: Fact Sheet #2, Rent Stabilization Lease Rider.


    5. Rent Stabilized Lease Renewal Ques. (New York, York: apartments, leases, tenants) - New York City - (NY) - City-Data Forum

      • Remember, the rent must be over 2k AND you have to earn over a certain amount for the apt to be removed from stabilization.
      • Rent-Stabilized Lease Renewal Chicanery, New York City, 5 replies.


    6. NYC Rent Guidelines Board | The rent on my new apartment is over $2,700 - Can it be stabilized?

      • New York City has a system of rent regulations known as "rent stabilization." The system was enacted in 1969 when rents were rising sharply in many post-war buildings.
      • The NYC Rent Guidelines Board sets the allowable percentage increase for renewal leases each year.


    7. NYC Rent Guidelines Board

      • Renewal Leases. Rent Charges.
      • Rent Stabilization.
      • New york city housing authority (nycha) (212) 306-3000. NEW YORK CITY DEPT OF HOUSING PRESERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT (HPD) Dial 311.


    8. NYC Rent Guidelines Board

      • NYC Rent Guidelines Board Apartment and Loft Guidelines apply to leases for rent stabilized apartments and lofts located in New York City.
      • Newly Enacted RGB Apartment/Loft Guidelines Order #49 - Apartment and loft lease renewals commencing between October 1, 2017 and...


    9. FACT SHEET | 2a. Recent Renewal Lease Rates set by the New York City Rent Guidelines Board.

      • • With the lease, a tenant should receive a Rent Stabilization Lease Rights Rider that states how the rent was computed and asserts that any increases
      • However, if the owner is collecting a preferential rent and continues to offer it upon renewal, the owner can increase it by the New York City Rent...


    10. NYC Rent Guidelines Board | My son signed a lease with roommates who are leaving - What are his/her options for renewal?

      • Under the existing rent stabilization rules, a landlord can charge a vacancy allowance for a "vacancy lease."
      • If the apartment is rent stabilized you may have had the right to a lease renewal.
      • For more information on housing court in New York City, see our two resources on housing court here...