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    1. 2016 tax tables | New York City or Yonkers Tax

      • New York City Resident Tax. NYS taxable income LESS than $65,000. NYC tax table.
      • Married and filing a joint NYS return and one spouse was a full-year New York City resident and the other was a nonresident for all of the tax year.


    2. Example: Mr. and Mrs. Jones are filing a joint | In this New York City tax table, the taxable income column is the amount from Form IT-201, line 38.

      • separately. Your New York City tax is
      • * This column must also be used by a qualifying widow(er). 6 0 IT-201-I, NYC Tax Table. Access our website at www.tax.ny.gov.


    3. OTPA | New York State Tax Collections: Fiscal Year 2013-2014

      • 2013-2014 NY State Tax Collections. Contents. Overview.
      • Table 28: Components of City of New York Personal Income Tax Collections - State Fiscal Years 1985-2014.


    4. IT-201-I

      • Line 47 – New York City resident tax (NYC residents only; part-year residents, see line 50). Is line 38 (your New York taxable income) less than $65,000? If Yes, find your New York City resident tax using the 2014 New York City Tax Table on pages 54 through 61.


    5. Withholding tax forms 2017 - 2018 - current period | Withholding Tax Computation Rules, Tables, and Methods

      • New York State, City of New York, and City of Yonkers Certificate of Nonresidence and Allocation of Withholding Tax.
      • This publication contains the wage bracket tables and exact calculation method for New York State withholding.


    6. New York City tax rate schedule

      • Access our website at www.tax.ny.gov. New York City tax rate schedule.


    7. New York Does Not Tax Digital Goods - TaxRates.com

      • Click here to download New York sales tax table.
      • In New York City alone, sales of tangible media goods (books, CDs, DVDs, etc.) dropped $10 million in five years, from 2009 to 2014.


    8. Digital Tax Map - New York City Department of Finance

      • Current Tax Map. Library of Tax Maps. History of Tax Map Changes. Historical Alteration Books. User Guide.


    9. Tax revenue forecasting | Table of Contents

      • These separate schedules were introduced in 1987. Tax liability for NYC residents is calculated by applying the tax rate table to their taxable income.
      • Effective January 1, 2014, certain transitional provisions set to expire after January 31, 2014, affecting the New York City corporate tax treatment...


    10. Pop quiz: are these shirts exempt from sales tax in New York City? - TaxRates.com

      • Download Sales Tax Tables.
      • New York City. All other jurisdictions impose local tax on sales of eligible clothing and footwear.
      • It should be noted that, effective February 1, 2014, the local sales and use tax rate in Ulster County will increase from 3% to 4%.