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    1. How Barry Became Barack Obama

      • But Obama’s roommate at Occidental later said he never heard Obama called Barack at any time.
      • barry,obama,newsweek. 657. Monday, 24 Mar 2008 08:54 PM.


    2. Behind The Scenes: Newsweek On McCain In The Dark, Obama Threats, And More | HuffPost

      • From Newsweek's press release: New York--The computer systems of both the Obama and McCain
      • Newsweek's 2008 Special Election Issue marks the magazine's seventh consecutive installment of...


    3. Newsweek Obama Expose Finally Factual Reporting | Lifejustiz

      • Newsweek Obama Expose -WOW. Finally someone in the liberal media has their eyes open! Better late than never (I guess- Better NEVER than late, but nobody cared in 2008).


    4. Michelle Obama pregnant rumors confuse Newsweek writer Raina Kelley's pregnancy with Obama's wife...

      • August 25, 2008 update on michelle obama pregnant rumors
      • Newsweek writer Raina Kelly is pregnant -- and people are confusing her voice with Michelle Obama's voice.


    5. Newsweek 21 may 2012 pdf obama 1st

      • In June of 2008, Newsweek released a cover of Obama with what appeared to be a shining beacon of light. Obama is not the First Gay or Female President.


    6. 2008 Oscar Roundtable: Clooney, the Obama Supporter - YouTube

      • Find out why. Close. 2008 Oscar Roundtable: Clooney, the Obama Supporter. Newsweek.
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    7. Newsweek Poll | 366 Obama-Approve RVs (plus or minus 6.3) 435 Obama-Disapprove RVs (plus or minus 5.6)

      • Newsweek Poll Obama/Muslims Princeton Survey Research Associates International.
      • 76 22. 2 =100. 6 In October 2008, question wording was slightly different: “Please tell me whether or not you think...


    8. Fabulous!... Newsweek Obama Cover: "The First Gay President"

      • Look at California in 2008: Barry beat McCain 65-35 but Proposition 8 passed 52-48, so, what does that mean? but that
      • Blacque Jacques Shellacque. Newsweek Obama Cover: “The First Gay President”.


    9. NEWSWEEK CLOSED ITS DOORS WITH A BANG!!!! Re: President Obama | LinkedIn

      • (Newsweek Columnist -- Opinion Writer). Years from now, historians may regard the 2008 election of Barack Obama as an inscrutable and phenomenon...


    10. Newsweek Editor to President elect Obama: Our Center-Right Nation | PoliticalForum.com - Forum for US and Intl Politics

      • Newsweek Editor, Jon Meacham even warned Obama that the liberalism of the repeatedly re-elected FDR offended voters.
      • Meacham has been anti-Obama since 2008.