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    1. Newsweek Drags Trump Hard With Latest Cover: ‘Lazy Boy’ (Photo) | "Imagine how bad he'd feel if he did any work," the provocative cover asks

      • The weekly has likely burned every bridge with its latest cover story — or more accurately, its latest brutal cover. Newsweek unveiled it on
      • 22 'Rediculous' Typos From Trump's White House, From 'Attaker' to 'Unpresidented' (Photos). You can't have "the best words" if you can't correctly spell them.


    2. Newsweek cover Photos — LBC9 News

      • Newsweek cover Photos August 4, 2017. Photo © Forexlive. The latest Newsweek cover is brutal on Trump: "Lazy Boy". .
      • Full disclosure: Sir Harold Evans, editor-at-large of The Week, is married to Tina Brown, editor-in-chief of Newsweek and The Daily Beast..


    3. Interesting photos around the world: Newsweek cover photos. - Jen Hill Photo

      • Newsweek cover Photos August 4, 2017. Photo © NeoGAF.
      • Newsweek cover nails Trump's platform - Business Insider. newsweek trump. 600 x 800 pixels.


    4. ‘Newsweek’ Cover: Madam President Hillary Clinton — But No President Trump Physical Print Magazine Pic Leak Yet [Photos]

      • Folks have been quick to note that Newsweek also created a Newsweek cover that declared Donald Trump as President Trump, however, some detractors are claiming that they haven’t yet seen a photo of a physical Newsweek magazine with Trump’s cover...


    5. Newsweek Mocks 'Lazy Boy' Donald Trump On New Cover | HuffPost | "I would have added past due bills on floor..."

      • President Donald Trump won’t want to hang this uncomplimentary magazine cover at any of his golf clubs. Newsweek depicted the president as a junk
      • Under the headline “LAZY BOY,” the edited photo shows Trump slumped in a recliner with a remote control in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other.


    6. World breaking news about "Newsweek cover", including photos of the latest world events. | Brittany's Photos

      • Newsweek's latest cover names Trump as 'Lazy Boy' - AOL News. Newsweek's latest cover has a lot of people talking. And maybe not surprisingly, it features President Trump..1028 x 675 px.
      • Newsweek Drags Trump Hard With Latest Cover: 'Lazy Boy' (Photo). .


    7. Newsweek cover destroys Trump - AMERICAblog News

      • Newsweek’s cover this week probably won’t be hanging in Mar-a-Lago any time soon. And I checked, it’s real.
      • But the most devastating part was the caption below the main photo: “Donal Trump is bored and tired.


    8. BREAKING: Newsweek Cover Photo Devastates Trump - It's Perfect

      • Newsweek just published a scathing cover photo of Donald Trump depicting him reclining on a couch while watching TV and eating Cheetos, with the caption of the cover reading “LAZY BOY.”


    9. Newsweek Calls Trump 'Lazy Boy' On New Cover (Photos)

      • On the cover of its next issue, Newsweek portrays President Donald Trump as a lazy junk-food addict who spends his time sitting around watching TV.
      • "LAZY BOY," the cover reads. "Donald Trump is bored and tired. Imagine how bad he'd feel if he did any work."


    10. Newsweek Just Roasted "Lazy" Trump With This Devastating Cover

      • He’s not going to be any happier when he sees next week’s Newsweek cover
      • The Man Who Keeps Fooling Trump Fans With Fake Rally Crowd Size Photos Just Came Forward.