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    1. Deleted in Outlook but not from Gmail - MSOutlook.info

      • Setting Gmail’s deleting behavior for IMAP accounts. Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 – Purging and Purge Options In addition to these changes in Gmail, you must set Outlook to auto-purge deleted items upon switching folders or purge them manually via


    2. Outlook. Deleting Email in Outlook 2007

      • "IMAP - Outlook 2007 How Do I..." posted today. The first / desktop machine doesn't have a deleted items folder, doesn't show you where the deleted items go.
      • I tested my gmail account (Also IMAP) and it doesn't have a Deleted Items > folder. I tested this on a different IMAP server as well.


    3. Use Outlook 2007 with GMAIL Account via iMAP [How-To]

      • Click Account and Select your GMAIL iMAP account: VERY IMPORTANT – When PROMPTED to configure your Sent Items Folder
      • Setup IMAP 2. Move to Outlook and move files and contacts to gmail 3. Delete Oulook 2007 from the system.


    4. IMAP accounts and saving Sent Items on the server - MSOutlook.info

      • To assign a folder as the Sent Items folder in Outlook 2007; First make sure there is a Sent Items folder in your IMAP mailbox.
      • IMAP: Folder structure and Junk E-mail filter. Prevent duplicate Sent Items when using Gmail. Related Categories: Accounts • Mail Organizing • Rules.


    5. Outlook. Please help me recover deleted email in Outlook 2007 using IMAP ac

      • I am working in Outlook 2007 and use a gmail account. When I configured my > > gmail account to Outlook 2007 I did so by choosing the IMAP rather than > > the > > POP setting.
      • IMAP protocols simply don't have a Deleted Items folder.


    6. Stop Duplicate Emails in Sent Items When Syncing Gmail via IMAP Using Outlook 2007 - Question Defense

      • Stop Duplicate Messages Sent Via Gmail IMAP From Showing Up In Outlook 2007
      • Now if you are sending through Gmail and you have the IMAP “Sent Items” folder set to sync with the Gmail server the emails you send will show up
      • If you delete an item from one system it will be deleted on another.


    7. Gmail Outlook 2007 | Import your old POP account into the newly created IMAP account

      • Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook 2007 Using IMAP.
      • But if you delete them from the server, then you have to import your old POP mail into your IMAP.
      • First make sure there is a Sent Items folder in your IMAP mailbox. If you have not subscribed to the Sent Items folder yet, choose Tools > IMAP...


    8. IMAP: Folder structure and Junk E-mail filter - MSOutlook.info

      • I have been able to set the Sent Items and Deleted Items folders of my IMAP account so that they now work, but the Junk E-mail filter does not work.
      • Outlook 2007 Tools-> Account Settings…-> tab tab E-mail.


    9. [SOLVED] Outlook 2007 IMAP deleted items - Spiceworks

      • I need help fixing my Outlook 2007 problem. I used to be able to delete and email and it would go to a folder named "deleted items".
      • They are not in the local deleted items folder, nor the trash or deleted items folder in the imap account.


    10. outlook 2007 | Random Windows Tips & Fixes | “Cannot move the items. The server responded: ‘No Folder Inbox/Sub (Failure)’.”

      • Category Archives: outlook 2007. Gmail IMAP Outlook error “Cannot move the items.
      • You need to find the folder Outlook stores those files in, then delete the messages. 1. To find the folder, open up Registry Editor (RegEdit.exe).