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    1. How To Use Popcorn Time with Chromecast | The Easiest Way: The Android App

      • You don’t need the Android app for Popcorn Time to use the app with your Chromecast of course, and we’ll cover two
      • A cursory glance at the Popcorn Time subreddit will prove that Chromecast support can be a bit buggy on PC, with plenty of users reporting difficulties getting the icon to appear.


    2. Popcorn Time for Android beta update brings Chromecast support, native UI and more

      Popcorn Time — the service that lets you watch torrented movies on the fly — has received an upgraded Android beta app that now includes Chromecast support! It’s as simple as any Chromecast app has been since the $35 media streaming dongle released: simply hit the cast button and watch it...


    3. Popcorn Time Android Chromecast

      • Is Popcorn Time Android app safe? Can you watch movies/TV shows anonymously? Yes, you most certainly can, and the software is completely
      • Popcorn Time Android Chromecast. Most Android phones, especially those made from Samsung – usually come equipped with Chromecasting features.


    4. Popcorn Time Torrent-Streaming Android App Gets Chromecast Support | Technology News

      Popcorn Time has added Chromecast support in its Android app with the newly-released Android beta 2.0 version.


    5. How to Watch Popcorn Time Chromecast on Android App

      • Using Chromecast to stream Popcorn Time from your Android device is incredibly easy. All you have to do is download the Popcorn Time application from Google Play Store. After the installation process is complete, open the app. Select a movie/TV show to watch from the library available.


    6. How to Watch Popcorn Time on Chromecast | Android

      • Popcorn Time’s official software received support for Chromecast streams back in 2014-2015. All versions of the app now let you send movies and TV shows to any
      • Before getting the app, make sure your Chromecast device is plugged in and accessible on the same network as your Android device.


    7. Popcorn Time's Android app now has Chromecast support - Android Community

      • Popcorn Time is a beloved app and service by users and a sworn enemy of TV and film studios. In simple words, Popcorn Time streams videos from torrents in
      • Aside from the Chromecast support, the Android Beta 2.0 also now has automatic updates and faster streaming for movies and TV shows...


    8. Popcorn Time for Android Gets Chromecast Support

      • Last week, you may recall that Popcorn Time’s Windows app received Chromecast support, essentially bringing any popular movie to your TV screens for free in next to no time. And a couple of months after Popcorn Time arrived on Android, its mobile app now has Chromecast support too.


    9. How to Use Popcorn Time on Smart TV - Samsung, LG & Sony TV

      • Popcorn Time Smart TV App.
      • You can use the Popcorn Time application on various Smart TV LG models. Bear in mind that most LG TVs use WebOS, so you cannot just install the software directly.
      • How to Install Popcorn Time on Other Android TV. The Android OS has been gaining in popularity...


    10. Popcorn Time Android App Now Supports Streaming To Chromecast | Android Headlines

      • The addition of the Chromecast support for the Android app makes using Popcorn Time with the Chromecast that much easier, especially since you can now simply sit back on the couch and just cast things from your device, as opposed to having to get up and manage it from the Windows based alpha...