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    1. How to Find Valid Email Addresses in Java with Regular Expressions (RegEx) or with EmailValidator from Apache Commons? - Software Engineering Candies

      • Validating email addresses can be a tricky task. If your preferred operating system is unix, you would usually use the grep program to run the regex, but some-times we have to do this job within a Java program.
      • Simple expression to find a valid e-mail address in a file.


    2. java - regex to find email address from a String - Stack Overflow

      However, dots may not appear consecutively or at the start or end of the email address. The other alternative requires the part before the @ to be enclosed in double quotes, allowing any string of ASCII characters between the quotes.


    3. How to validate email address with regular expression

      • Here’s a Java example to show you how to use regex to validate email address.
      • Found a problem while trying this: Inputs like “[email protected]” shouldn’t be valid.


    4. Java regex email - Stack Overflow

      • 0. Finding invalid and unsent email addresses using java.mailx. 1.
      • RegEx for email to allow Empty spaces, vaild email address and multiple email addresses. 0. What is the optimized regex to match the email pattern in java.


    5. Java Email Address Validation using Regex - HowToDoInJava

      • Home > Regular Expressions > Java Email Address Validation using Regex.
      • Regex allowing email addresses permitted by RFC 5322 – this is complete and hard to find anywhere else. Good explanation.


    6. Difference between matches() and find() in Java Regex - Stack Overflow

      • Email address. Password.
      • regex in Java to match a string of words with spaces between. 0. Java Regex find all matches with ability to skip pattern groups.


    7. How to Find or Validate an Email Address | Regexes Don’t Send Email

      • A lot of regexes for validating email addresses you'll find in various regex tutorials and references still assume the top-level domain to be fairly short.


    8. Java regular expressions cheat sheet: syntax, patterns, and examples zeroturnaround.com

      • However, as we know an email address has a specific structure, and we can encode that using the regex syntax.
      • It will tell you whether a string is in the set of strings defined by a pattern or find a substring that belongs in that set. Useful Java classes & methods.


    9. regex - Replace emails in string in Java - Stack Overflow

      • I need to protect the email addresses contained in a text. Ideally find a regular expression that could do it more effectively.
      • Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged java regex email or ask your own question.


    10. regex - Using Java to find substring of a bigger string using Regular Expression - Stack Overflow

      • Email address.
      • Finding words within a string in Java. 0. Regex to find the code blocks in C#. 0. Selenium IDE regexp: How to extract a string after a keyword.