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    1. How To Manage Multiple Google Or Gmail Accounts On Android

      • You can set up additional accounts for other email clients Email Apps For Android: 3 Excellent Options To Try In 2014 Email Apps For Android: 3
      • is the second phone that i am having the same problem with. i believe that if i change my gmail account for the phone i won't have this problem. i...


    2. How to set up a new Google account | Android Central

      • A Google account allows you to take advantage of offers like free Google Drive space on your new phone. Here’s how to set one up.
      • How to add a second Google account to your Android device. Click on the dotted line.


    3. How to add a second Gmail account to Android

      • Sometimes you need to add a second Gmail account. This tutorial will show you how.
      • The Add a Google Account screen that appears next is the same on you saw when you first set up your phone.


    4. How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts on Android - Android Advices

      • Your phone now needs communication with Google Servers to set up your account, let your mobile complete the task. And then you have the confirmation.
      • i have samsung GT i5801 with firmware 2.1 eclair. i can’t add my second gmail account. i tried to update my firmware to android froyo 2.2 but it...


    5. How to add a second Google account to your Android | Android Central

      • Android has made it easy to add accounts, sync accounts, and remove accounts — here's how.
      • I'm not sure about today, but in the past I have never been able to delete the Google account I entered when setting up the phone. Even if I add a second account first.


    6. Ways to Delete Gmail Account on Android | Part 2: How to Remove Google Account from Android Phone

      • Your Google account has been removed from your Android phone. If you want to sign in with another account, just read How to Add Google Account on Android Device.
      • How to Set up Gmail on Android.


    7. Android Gmail setup instructions | G Suite Tips | A handy guide to setting up Gmail on your Android phone or tablet

      • As you would expect, Google have made it very easy to set up Gmail through an Android phone or tablet. To setup your Gmail on an Android phone, follow these steps. Open the Settings menu and go to Accounts (& sync settings) on your device.


    8. How to set up an iCloud email account on Android | Android Central

      • Besides the Gmail app on your Android phone or tablet, you should also have an app just called "Email."
      • How it looks may vary from phone to phone, but the overall function should be the same since you need to set up your iCloud account using IMAP and SMTP.


    9. How to add second Google account in Gmail app on Android

      • One of the primary requisites when setting up an Android device is to add a Google account for syncing Contacts
      • Go to Settings on your phone. Select “Accounts” from the list.
      • It is a cakewalk to add second Gmail account on the Gmail app; you just need to follow the step given below.


    10. How to setup Gmail and Internet Email on Samsung Galaxy S3

      • To set up a second account: Tap the Gmail app. Then press Option key (located beside the home
      • Setting up Email account. Besides Gmail, the Android on Galaxy S3 also supports general email
      • Phone auto delite mails older than 2 days (not showing up trash folder, ider)… gmail set up in same...