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    1. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Logs Location | SMTP Application, System log

      • Exchange 2010 Server SMTP Logs. In Exchange 2010 server, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) has several shades of meaning. On this page I use the word SMTP in the context of understanding logs.


    2. Exchangepedia | Logging SMTP Protocol Activity in Exchange 2013/2010 and Exchange 2007

      • Find out how to enable and configure SMTP logging in Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007.
      • Unlike Exchange Server 2003/2000, which maintain separate protocol logs for each SMTP Virtual Server, all Receive Connectors share SMTP receive logs.


    3. Troubleshooting SMTP Auth Login Telnet | Exchange Server 2010 Email

      • Troubleshooting SMTP Auth Login with telnet in Exchange Server 2010. Understand the commands, Auth Login ehlo, mail from: and rcpt to.
      • Here is your simple command to test the SMTP. From the cmd prompt, type: Telnet server 25.


    4. Exchange 2010 Server SMTP Logs - Exchange Server 2010 Logs

      • In Exchange 2010 server, SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) has several shades of meaning.
      • However, bear in mind that the acronym SMTP has other connotations, for example, SMTP Virtual Server, the SMTP service in IIS and SMTP routing connections.


    5. Microsoft Exchange 2010 SMTP Connector | Receive and Send

      • In Exchange 2003, all internet mail is directed through the SMTP virtual server. However in Exchange 2010 server, the SMTP virtual server no longer handles internet email, instead this task is performed by the new SMTP connector.


    6. How to Configure a Relay Connector for Exchange Server 2010

      • Protocol logging turned on. this started out as a decommission of old 2003 exchange server. we migrated to 2010 exchange.
      • The only issue is with incoming e-mail when the exchange 2003 server’s SMTP isn’t working.


    7. How to Configure Exchange Server 2016 SMTP Relay

      • we have configured exchange server 2016 as an SMTP server, we are sending mail as an authenticated user, not able to send mail more than 5.
      • When receiving on an exchange 2010 connector it displayed the Display Name of the user.


    8. Generate SMTP Error Statistics using Log Parser and Exchange Server 2010 Protocol Logs

      • This information is useful for scenarios such as checking whether your outbound mail may experiencing a high rate of failure, or discovering whether someone is continually trying to relay
      • Hi. Can you please let me how i get the TLS email traffic from Exchange 2010 edge server SMTP protocol send log.


    9. Exchange Server and Active Directory Blog: 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated Exchange 2010

      • ExRCA (Connectivity Analyzer). MXToolBox. Test your SMTP Mail Server. DNSgoodies. PTR Lookup.
      • !!! Exchange 2010 is the Best version of ALL !!!! OWA Exchange 2010 and new futures quick look. 530 5.7.1 Client was not authenticated Exchange 20...


    10. email - Exchange 2010: Alias vs. SMTP address - Server Fault

      The SMTP address is simply the full e-mail address: [email protected] The alias is used by Exchange to find any local object with an e-mail address.