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    1. Send email using the GMail SMTP server from a PHP page - Stack Overflow

      • I am trying to send an email via GMail's SMTP server from a PHP page, but I get this error
      • (The feature list is copied from owner website). The working example of Gmail SSL/SMTP and Swift Mailer is here...


    2. PHPMailer tutorial for SMTP and GMail | Web Development Blog

      • Home » PHP Scripts » Using Gmail with PHPMailer via SMTP.
      • You need for this PHPMailer code example a PHP5 enabled web host (I did tests only on Linux), the port 465 need to be open and of course you need a GMail or Google Apps account.


    3. PHPMailer/gmail.phps at master · PHPMailer/PHPMailer · GitHub

      • <?php. /** * This example shows settings to use when sending via Google's Gmail servers.
      • * The IMAP section shows how to save this message to the 'Sent Mail' folder using IMAP commands.


    4. Php Script Send Email Using Gmail Smtp

      • I'm using PHPMailer class for this purpase, so here is gmail function: _?php phpmailer/class.smtp.php"), $mail = new PHPMailer(), $mail-_CharSet = "UTF-8".
      • You can test PHP SMTP functions with the following two examples.


    5. Send Mail through GMail SMTP Server with PHP

      • The PHP Mailer library on Github is a wrapper over the built-in mail function but adds support for attachments and also integrates with SMTP so you can send mail without having a local mail server. This script lets you send messages via your Google’s Gmail server.


    6. Send Email in PHP using Gmail SMTP

      • For example, we cannot send attachments using PHP’s mail(). In this tutorial, let’s use PHPMailer class for sending emails by using Gmail SMTP server. This library is popular because of its advanced features.


    7. Sending Emails in PHP with PHPMailer — SitePoint

      • Here is an example of sending an email from Gmail’s mail server from your domain. You don’t need a local mail server to run the code.
      • One big advantage in using remote SMTP over local mail is that if you use PHP’s mail() function to send email with the from address domain set to anything other than...


    8. send email using Gmail SMTP server through PHP Mailer - Stack Overflow

      • Example - Performing verification if mail is sent, using json to pass data through ajax.
      • Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged php smtp gmail phpmailer or ask your own question.


    9. Sending email with PHP from an SMTP server - Stack Overflow

      • $from = "[email protected]"; $headers = "From:" . $from; echo mail ("[email protected]" ,"testmailfunction" , "Oj",$headers); I have trouble sending email in PHP. I get an error: SMTP server response: 530 SMTP authentication is required.


    10. Send Mail using SMTP and PHP.

      • Updated: Send mail using Gmail SMTP using PHP.
      • I need to add something very simple, but really don't know how to do it since my strong is not php... I need to perform an echo check to know if the email has been sent correctly or not, for example